R.J. Luna/My Song Boutique Review

     Okay, as much as I love being that go to person for product recommendations - I am not into shopping for clothes.  Yes, I think I have style but it is just very different shopping for myself.  I have such an awkward figure since I am so busty on top.  Last year while looking for dresses for my sisters bachelorette I discovered a very talented designer - Jackie Bertolette.  Her sense of fashion is absolutely refreshing with a unique taste but not crazy out there style like you see on the runways (and could never imagine wearing).  Her and her partner Rebecca MacMillan launched their company R.J. Luna in 2007 which offers one of a kind designs to fit the everyday woman.

     "Jackie has spent her career in Design, Fashion and Music.  She began Modeling at age 17, soon turned to Commercial Photography specializing in Fashion and Live Stage Performance, then moved onto Graphic Design and finally into Fashion Design.  Jackie is an experienced seamstress who started sewing when she was only 14.  She, like many women, had the challenge of buying off the rack apparel that fit her frame well.  Out of necessity, she learned to alter clothing and soon realized that she could make pieces that were more to her liking and better flattered her body."

     Because each peice is hand sewn, I was forced to anxiously wait for a dress for just under year but of course it was well worth it in my eyes.   R.J. Luna was busy working on some custom peices for a wedding at the end of last year (what a lucky bride!)  Remember each of these peices are uniquely designed by Jackie and also made in the US by one of the house seamstress's.  They can be custom made to fit any body shape/style

     Once my dress arrived, I very quickly noticed the fabric quality and how silky smooth it was.  This is obviously not your average homemade dress!  I do have to say I was a little dissappointed to have a dress with long sleeves for the summer especially and it really isn't a style I would have picked for myself or that I can see being "in" right now.  But beggers can't be choosers and I am so happy to be lucky enough to tell you about this wonderful company.  I haven't actually worn my dress anywhere but I've tried it on as well as my mother since I figured the style might be more fitting for her.

Cost:  approx. $39.99
Recommendation:  I don't know what else I can say to recommend such an awesome designer!  I don't know the price for sure to tell you if it is worth the purchase although this is custom made so I'd be willing to pay a little more for something designed specifically for me.  I was just dissappointed since my dress didn't look like any of the other amazing styles I saw.
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