Sweet Pea Maternity Pink Buckle Maternity Top Review and Giveaway

     Now that I'm pregnant with number three, I've noticed that I'm blossoming way differently than with the other two boys. With Jordan, I was 15, and about 90 lbs soaking wet....It actually took me about 7 months to actually start showing.  With Chase, I was a blimp at 12 weeks!  Now, this one I'm somewhere in the middle.  I'm showing, for sure, but not too sure how much of it is baby, or my 'winter layer', being pushed up by the baby!  This puts me in a predicament for clothes, if it still 'fits' its not fitting very well for very much longer!  I had god awful ugly maternity clothes for Jordan which were hand me downs from my moms friends.  For Chase, I literally lived in yoga pants and racer back tanks.  This time, I want style!

     Sweet Pea Maternity is where all my maternity clothing dreams have come true!  Their online shop features pages and pages of super cute ultra 'trendy maternity clothes at CRAZY inexpensive prices!  The biggest thing that surprised me about the website is that they feature really pregnant women, not 'food baby' pregnant.  I'm talking 3cm dilated and 20% effaced pregnant!  So you will definitely be able to imagine what the clothes will look like as you grow!  

     Everything I saw on the website was at or definitely under the $20 mark, with the most expensive item being $34!  Now if you are, have been or know anyone who is pregnant, you know that it's almost impossible to find cute stuff that will fit your ever expanding size without breaking the bank.  The cheap maternity clothes are far and above the best I've seen.  They were generous enough to send me the gorgeous Pink Buckle Maternity Top and it fits wonderfully!  I ordered the large because I wanted it to grow with me and it looks like I'll have it fit for the duration.  

Cost:  $19.19 Sale $23.99 Reg
Available to purchase:  Pink Buckle Maternity Top
Recommendation:  All in all, of you are pregnant, definitely check out the clothes this website has to offer.  Unless of course you like spending tons of money on the shapeless tents that most maternity clothes are!  I have washed the shirt twice now, and it has very minimal pilling so it holds up well in the washer and you can actually tell from the photos that it will fit when you are in the final weeks of your pregnancy!
Facebook:  Sweet Pea Maternity
Giveaway:  Sweet Pea Maternity is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a $25 gift certificate to use for themself or it would make a great gift!

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