Global Garden Friends Ultimate Plant Cage Review

     If you've ever grown tomatoes (even cherry tomatoes) you know how hardy of a plant they are.  But at the same time they can break so easily once the tomatoes begin to grow.  If they don't break they bend and form strange shapes and can look unhealthy.  The same can happen with any type of vine plant such as cucumbers, or beans.  I honestly hate growing some of these vegetables because of how hard they are to keep looking good and even alive once they get the real heavy growths.  I recently posted a quick blurb about Global Garden Friends as I was waiting on the delivery of their Ultimate Plant Cage.

     "It’s the first-ever FULLY ADJUSTABLE plant cage. The Ultimate Plant Cage’s unique, patented design OPENS up your plants to the sun and lets those nourishing rays penetrate from the fruit to the root. The cage revolves around a stable, durable and 100% recyclable plastic base and six adjustable support poles that direct your plant’s growth but does not stunt it. The poles extend up to 32” – giving your plants plenty of room to grow. "

     One of the main reasons I was so excited to give this is a try this year is because I had several surprise guest tomato plants pop up in a few of my pots that were originally meant for other fruits.  One of these turned out to be a cherry tomato plant that developed rediculously fast and took over my blackberry plant.  Even with the light weight tomatoes it still managed to grow sideways and almost tip my cement pot over.  Immediately after receiving my Ultimate Plant Cage, I headed outside to set it up.

     Not only does this support the base of my plant so it doesn't pull out of the dirt or tip over and break at the base but the stakes are flexible to any angle you choose.  One word of advice though, if your branches are heavy make sure you tighten the wing nuts extremely tight otherwise they will eventually droop over because of the weight.  The stakes also extend either immediately for larger plants or can be extended as the plant grows.  This is great because I hate nothing more than to have to re-organize a plant around a new set of stakes half way through the season.  This not only takes a ton of time but risks damaging the plant.

     I loved the ultimate plant clips too because they easily slid around the plant without causing any damage yet they still clipped tightly.  My only complaint about the whole setup was the Ultimate Trellis clips seemed like they should have held a little tighter into the position you chose to clip them in.  Mine seemed to slide up and down and really did nothing for holding the twine in place when I tried to rope the whole tomoto plant.  I ended up really fastening the rope to the plant clips and stakes.

Cost:  $17.95 Ultimate Plant Cage (includes poles)
      $3.99 Ultimate Trellis Kit – 12 clips
      $4.99 Ultimate Plant Clips - 20 clips
Available to purchase:  Global Garden Friends
Recommendation:  I thought these were soooo creative and they worked great especially for my tomato plants.  I will be ordering more of these for next summer for sure!  They are not very expensive at all for the kind of help they bring to my garden.  The trellis clips are the only thing I won't both with even with how cheap they are.
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