The Garden Patch GrowBox Review and Giveaway

     Each year I grow this huge beautiful garden that produces some really great fruit and vegetables in the beginning of the year.  Then towards the end of the summer, I get busy spending my time with the kids or friends.  It never fails, I forget to water my plants one day, one day only and everything is down hill from there.  They each slowly begin to die or just don't end up the same for the rest of the season.  When I discovered The Garden Patch GrowBox I was still a little hesitant whether it truly would work.

     As you all know I worm compost which works amazingly, however, there are a few negatives that you need to consider when using compost soil.  When bringing the soil indoors to use it can at times attract fruit flies or cause fungus.  As you may have read in my review of the Garden Buddies, it also can cause surprise guests such as weeds or unplanned plants like my tomatoes which sprouted up in several pots this year.  With the GrowBox comes a Nutrient Patch which helps prevent the growth of weeds and other surprise plants.  Therefore you have to stress less about frequent weeding.

      Underneath the Nutrient Patch, you place your organic fertilizer which constantly releases nutrients to your plants and lasts a minimum of one month.  So whether you choose to use compost soil, rocky soil from your backyard, or store bought soil, you can be sure your plants are getting the needed nutrients.

      The most important part of the GrowBox is the bottom reservoir that comes with it.  It is a completely seperate part where you plant can water itself as the soil dries.  There is a perfect spout opening to water your plants from underneath so if you have that one day like I always have you are covered.  In fact the separate reservoir holds up to 4 gallons of water.  This also prevents from over watering as well which is great for beginner gardeners.  My only complaint was the fact that both top and bottom containers do not completely latch together easily.  I felt like I was constantly trying to hold them together while moving the GrowBox.  Once the soil and plants were in place though everything stayed together just fine.

Cost:  $29.95 + $6.95 S/H GrowBox
Available to purchase:  The Garden Patch
Recommendation:  I really like my GrowBox!!  I actually have mine indoors since summer is slowly fading.  I think the price is great as well since you can pay just $30 alone for a plain old garden box this size and that doesn't include the self watering, nutrient patch, or fertilizer!  If you've never gardened before this is a great way to start.  Its also perfect for a garden pro too!
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Giveaway:  The Garden Patch is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a GrowBox of their own!

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