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     This year has so far been my most successful year gardening.  The amount of fruits and vegetables my plants have produced over the last couple months have been beyond fruitful!  About a month ago I was thinking to myself about what I had done differently, and kid you not I was figuring it was because of all the rain.  For some reason it just has seemed like my plants look so much brighter and healthier after a good hard rain!  Then I discovered Pure Rain last week.

     "Pure Rain™ products add millions of microscopic nanobubbles — each just a fraction of the width of a human hair — to ordinary tap water. The extra oxygen delivered by the nano-bubbles helps your plants absorb nutrients faster than ever, making them healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant."

    Because we know plants use oxygen to grown strong, it is important that they not only get watered appropriately but that they get that oxygenated water as well.  "Raindrops gather oxygen as they fall through the air, and the highly oxygenated water helps the plants extract nutrients more efficiently."  This is why my plants have been looking so plump and full this year - its all the rain!

     The funny thing is this really makes a ton of sense.  Think about it this way, how much better do you feel drinking a bottle of water verse out of a drinking fountain at a park (nasty metallic tasting water)?  Or what about the difference between bathing yourself with a garden hose verse taking a real shower?  Now, plants really are alive so why shouldn't they be picky about what makes them feel good!?

    I have to say at first when I turned on the sprinklers they scared the crap out of me because of the bubbling.  But then they were honestly awesome, creating a perfect misty rain wherever I placed them.  Because I don't have too many hanging baskets or hard to reach pots, the extendable Watering Wand was a little difficult to hold and use around the yard but I loved the Hand Held Spray Nozzle!

Cost: $19.99  Handheld Essentials nozzle
   $24.99  Water Station Essentials Plus
   $39.99 Reach Essentials Plus (with round handle)
   $19.99 Water Station Essentials 
Available to purchase:  Pure Rain Shop has a list of retailers such as Target and Amazon.
Recommendation:  I thought these were great not only for the price but for the quality of the results!  These also reduce your water usage by 30% thus saving on utilities and being more green friendly!  My only complaint was all the foam packing peanuts that the supplies came packed with, not very environmentally friendly plus my kids scattered them everywhere in my house.  Otherwise if you are any type of gardener this is a great set of tools to have (or if your the crazy green grass people)!
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Giveaway:  Pure Rain is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers one Pure Rain™ Handheld Essentials oxygenating nozzle and two Pure Rain™ Water Station Essentials Plus oxygenating water sprinklers of their own!  To enter giveaway visit my End Summer on a Rainy Note giveaway post.

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  1. This would help[ keep all my gardens healthy. The soil here doesn't absorb very fast, so this style sprinkler would work well.


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