Yonanas Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker Review

     About mid summer each year I am craving soft serve ice cream or the ice cream truck ice cream.  It just always sounds so good on the hot summer days.  So over the past couple months I have been eyeing the new Yonanas, which recently launched in partnership with Dole.  Everytime I go by it at a store, I have been tempted to buy it and check it out.  Thankforefully, I was able to give this unique soft serve ice cream maker a try before the end of summer.

     Yonanas has taken one of the most simplest and healthy snacks for young or old and made an everyday kitchen gadgets that makes a deliscious treat!   First and foremost this is a very simple machine.  There is absolutely no assembly.  The biggest thing is don't go out and buy it and expect to come home and use it right away unless you pre freeze your fruit or buy frozen fruit from the grocery store.  You need no additional ingredients to make this yummy dessert.  While the Yonanas maker ice cream doesn't quite taste like ice cream it tastes similar to sorbet or even maybe close to a gelato.

     This dessert is great option for those who have dairy allergies or are looking for a healthier alternative.  I know I have always had a slight (wishful thinking) addiction to ice cream.  It helps make almost every situation better!  Now I can have my cake and eat it too!  I don't have to worry about adding extra calories when I plow through a bowl of ice cream in minutes. Same goes for the kiddos, now they can have ice cream for dessert and little do they know they are eating healthy.

     Cleanup was fairly simple too.  All you need to do is disconnect the chute assembly part and run it under water.  Yonanas parts are also dishwasher safe.  You will need to rotate the blender in order to get all of the interior clean.   While doing so I did notice lot of wasted pieces of the smaller fruits which was disappointing but I ended with tons of berries instead of the recommended banana so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.  My only real concern with using this is that it takes a TON of fruit to make one bowl since you are not adding any ice or milk.  This is a little disappointing when you see a counterful of fruit dissappear before your eyes into one bowl

Cost:  $49.99
Available to purchase: Store Locator
Recommendation:  This is such a great little gadget to have in your home not only for losing weight and eating healthy but to teach your children how to enjoy healthy alternatives.  The price isn't too bad either although I'd like to see it offered for a little cheaper.
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  1. The ice cream you made using the Yonanas Ice Cream Maker looks so tasty!

  2. Thanks for the review, I have been eyeing one of these also and am still on the fence. When I want ice cream then there is only on thing that will kill the craving...a bowl of ice cream! I eat a bunch of bananas as it is so I don't know if I need to eat them in this form also.

  3. I have never heard of one of these before. This would be great to have for my daughter and family.


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