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        So we are big animal lovers in my household! We currently have three dogs, a cat, and (ummm) a snake.  I feel like we may have a lil less stress in our house if we didn't have all these pets but the same thing could be said about the kids!  These pets are our family and we do everything we can to take care of them.

        I have tried to make a change in every part of my families life to be more healthy and green.  I never really factored in our pets at first but realistically, they are family too.  I would never exclude them from anything else so why wouldnt I try to move them into a more organic lifestyle?  They deserve to eat healthy and live long great lives too!

         I've considered for the longest time just cooking up my own dog food and treats to save money and provide them with something more natural to eat.  I was pleasantly surprised the other day to recieve my box from Evangers packed FULL of pet food.  I had recently been asked to give it a review and wasn't expecting this for a while.

        Evanger's is the only family-owned and operated pet food cannery in the United States.  We always expect the most from the companies that provide our food but why not for our pets?! "All Evanger's foods are made with completely human-grade, highly palatable and nutritious foods that will satisfy even the most finicky eater."

        Capone my older male has always had a sensitive stomach and allergies to a lot of foods.  Everything and anything either makes him break out in hives or he throws up everything.  Because Evanger's food contains no soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, harmful additives, preservatives or by-products, I was really excited to see how he handled the change.

        Not that I expected any of them to turn up their noses because these products were all natural or anything but they gobbled the food right up!  I experienced none of the above which is a major accomplishment in my household when introducing something new!  Rayne and Opie eat anything and everything so it came as no surprise that they enjoyed the new meal.

         Punchke our cat is the oldest of anyone, I've had her since college for about 12 years now.  She is over weight and has lots of fluffy hair so we do find hairballs kind of often.  Evanger's cat formulas are great for cats with chronic hairballs or urinary tract infections.  I tried to transition her slowly over to the new food to avoid any addition puking and everything went great.  Plus we never feed our animals wet food so they were super pumped like it was crhistmas morning for them!

Cost/Available to purchase: $16.50/cs for most of the wet dog foods 
$26.98 - 43.00/16.5# Bag of dry dog food
$26.20/cs for most of the wet cat food
$25.33 - 28.00/12# Bag of dry cat food
Coupon $2/4
Recommendation:  Although it is pricy and after a couple days I did notice a softened stool in all three dogs, I would recommend this food to anyone with pets.  The fact that eveything is made in the US and products come from within 20 miles of their plant weighs very highly on my decision to possibly switch over my kiddos diets.
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  1. Now those little ones are eating GOOD! I am going to check them out for my sasha girl! Thanks.

  2. I've been tired of trying so many dog foods or foods for my puppy because she didn't eat well. I want her to be healthy, and now I know about that Evanger's food I will try to give it to her. Hope this is my last stop searching for dog foods.


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