FRAAS Infinity Silhouette Scarf Review

        My daughter of course doesn't think I have style since we are polar opposites when it comes to clothing.  Thankfully my mother and her actually share of the same taste in shopping.   She has tons of clothes from her days out with Grandma and Aunt Jesse.  But recently I received an email from FRAAS asking me to review their new Infinity Silhouette Scarf from their Fall 2012 Collection, which I fell in love with.  As soon as it arrived, Alana stole it from me.  Oh how great that makes me feel even though I lose out now.

        Fraas brand is debuting more than 100 new styles in the upcoming season.  Each coming in several color/pattern option.  These include styles such as Woodland Guardians, Mineral Explosion, and Decadent Traveler. Each new style reflects a different aspect of this years trends.

        This scarf is perfect for any season even though it will probably keep you a little warmer.  Its unique design makes it a great accessory to any outfit especially something solid print.  I will be wearing this one like crazy if I can get it back from Alana since it will compliment most of my clothing and looks super cute.  

        The website is definately one to check out if you are an accessory guy or gal.  They have quite the variety of styles and patterns - several which I thought were absolutely beautiful!  My only issue was I couldn't find this actually style on the web?.  Maybe it's just too new??  As you can see in my photos, my lil' Declan absolutely loved the scarf because of how soft it was.  He is constantly stealing it away from me too and wearing it like a cape or robe.
Cost:  $40 
Available to purchase:  FRAAS 
You can also find these on Amazon or by calling the company direct at 212-575-0191
Recommendation:  Although I absolutely love this and frequently where it with several outfits, I cannot see spending $40 on just one scarf.  I even asked my mother what she thought about it since she wears mostly designer clothing and as nice as she thought it was she said it was a bit pricey for her taste as well.
Facebook:  FRAAS 
Twitter @fraas_scarf

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  1. I love that blue. It looks like this is so much more than a scarf! Seeing it on you and then your son made me think of the "Thead" on the Dr. Seuss, Lorax move, it has a 1000 uses. But really I love the colors and think it will be perfect for my coat this year! Thanks!


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