My Family Seasoning Review

As much as I love to cook, I get bored at times.  Even though I frequently try new things or change up my old recipes, I still feel like sometimes I'm using the same ingredients too frequently.  Generally I know that's what people do because let's be real who makes things they don't like?!  But I am always on the look out for  new recipes.  Thankfully, in my last search I discovered My Family Seasonings.

I was really excited to give these a try, especially with my grill since we've been having a few extra gatherings because of football drafts and what not.  My Family Seasonings is the "home of the recipe to the 'Best Prime Rib'."  I was sent six packets to try - Prime Rib, Poultry, Pork, Seafood, Hamburger, Lamb and Wild Game (Deer, Moose, Quail, Pheasant).

The first one we used was the Prime Rib (of course).  Now I did read the instructions where it specifically states if you use too much (more than a tablespoon) your meat will be too salty.  But I of course didn't listen especially because I love salt and think everyone else does, don't you?!  But really this steak came out delicious and moist as ever.  It did however have a very salty taste to Kevin.  I however, thought it was wonderful and Alana said it taste the same as always.  The instructions say that the packet is perfect for 15-17 pounds of meat so this is sure to last a long time.

The 2nd one we tried was the Hamburger.  We rolled some of the seasoning in with our ground beef as we made up our hamburgers and through them on the grill.  We used no additional seasoning while cooking them on the grill to see if we could taste the flavor.  Sure enough they were great!  Very moist and almost tasted like they had come from a gourmet burger restaurant.

We haven't tried the others as we don't eat a lot of wild game or too much seafood but I will be using them the first chance I get.  As far as the other four (especially the poultry on), I will probably be giving them a try this week (after we eat up the Labor Day leftovers).  I expect them to be as yummy as the first two.

Cost: $4.99 - 3.6oz packages or $8.99 - 10.2oz (Prime Rib and Seafood available only)
Available to purchase:  My Family Seasonings 
Recommendation:  These are great seasonings for any style/level cook.  The ones I tried were not extreme in any recipe (when you follow directions, haha).  The pricing is great considering how much meat it is meant for.  In fact I think this is cheaper than most spices or seasonings you would find at your local grocery store.  There are also several great recipes listed on the site as well that I'd recommend checking out.

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  1. Sounds delicious but I usually avoid this type of seasonings :D

  2. These sound really good. I would love to try some of these seasonings. We get tired of the same ol stuff every week!


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