Scott's Miracle Grow Soil Finding Beauty in the Fall Project

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         So as you've probably seen I am always trying to find creative ways to plant seedlings to start edibles year long.  From my recycled wipe container herb garden to my egg shell seed starters.  Because I live in Michigan, our growing season outdoors is very short.  Lately it actually varies quite a bit in length so if you are an extreme gardener as I consider myself to be you have to be very aware of frost and soil temperatures.  We have such extreme Summers too that sometimes root plants will even cook in the soil (I've had it happpen).  
        Because it seems as though this years winter may come a little early, I have decided to start bringing in my smaller plants a little earlier for my Fall gardening this year.  Even though I love to compost,  it is hard to use the soil indoors as it attracks fruit flies.  This year I have decided to use Miracle-Gro® Organic Choice® Garden Soil.  This way once I transport my plants indoors, I will hopefully have a few less worries about the fruit flies.  Miracle-Gro® Organic Choice® Garden Soil is a mix of 100% organic ingredients which include compost, sphagnum peat moss and manure.
         I recently just brought in my carrots to continue growing through the winter. I wanted to make them a cute center piece for my kitchen table in honor of fall so instead of just bringing them inside in the ugly mini orange pots I had them in, I played on pinterest for cute ideas. I wondered around my house for some inspiration as well and found a cute ceramic popcorn bucket.  Using a mixture of the Organic Choice® Garden Soil (which they were already planted in outside) and Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix (added) from outside I repotted my carrots where they would have tons of room to grow healthy without damage to the roots.  The potting mix is specificly for indoor/outdoor plants in a container environment.  Check out how cute this looks on my kitchen island.
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  1. We used miracle grow for our tomatoes and they did so good!

  2. Bringing your carrots indoors, and planting them in the ceramic bucket, was such a cute idea. I often wondered if I could grow vegetables, indoors, in the winter. Thank you for sharing.


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