Fanimation Sandella Ceiling Fan Review and Giveaway

Fanimation - Zionsville, IN
        You know how you walk through certain homes (be it friends or family) and they almost look like they were pulled from a magazine?  Or they have one houseware that just catches your eye and you have to imagine it costs a pretty penny.  One of those items for me has always been ceiling fans.  Problem is every time I find one it is ridiculously out of my price range or it barely works and is mostly for looks.

        My mother has one of those huge palm tree looking fans that I've always envied except for the fact that you can barely feel a breeze on the highest speed.  I love to use ceiling fans throughout the summer as they use less energy than the air conditioning.  I had honestly given up hope on finding one until I discovered Fanimation and they agreed to let me review one for my home.

        I decided on the Sandella ceiling fan and even surprised myself as I hadn't researched all the extra's included with this fan.  I of course fell in love with the design of the large blades and was sold.  Then, it arrived and the features began to pour out of it.

        This fan includes an upward light as well as the normal downward light.  The upwards light works perfect for late in the evenings with a nice comforting glow.  It also uses a DC motor which consumes up to 70% less energy.  Also included (one of my favorite perks for us lazy people) is a handheld remote which controls different light levels as well as 6 reversible speeds.  You can even special order a wall control if you prefer.

        Fanimation has truly mastered the ART of airflow.  Their designs are unique and unlike any others I've seen from other companies.  They have a ridiculous amount of styles to fit anyone's taste.  And most importantly these work great!  I love that they set the atmosphere and tone for your choice location.  My fan works AMAZING at any speed level.

        "Not only does Fanimation offer a wide selection of Energy Star rated ceiling fans, but it has also upgraded its warehouse operations with energy efficient lighting and the use of recycled materials in its product packaging. Perhaps the most significant contribution that Fanimation has made to sustainable practices in the last year is the introduction of the Landan™. The Landan is one of the only ceiling fans on the market that utilizes both the energy efficient DC motor and LED lighting."

Cost:  $284.76 Blades $332.39 Light/Fan Motor
Available to purchase:  Local Store Locator 
Recommendation:  I mentioned earlier about some fans being out of my price range and this honestly would have been way out of that range had I not tried it before.  Now $600 seems like nothing considering the amount of energy I am saving by using this; the quality of airflow I get from the fan; the variety of lighting; and the unique design and style of this product.  I don't think I will ever be able to go back to those cheap fans from your typical houseware stores!!
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