Pet P.L.A.Y. White Camo Play Tunnel Review

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        So we are big animal lovers in my household! We currently have three dogs, a cat, and (ummm) a snake.  I feel like we may have a lil less stress in our house if we didn't have all these pets but the same thing could be said about the kids!  These pets are our family and we do everything we can to take care of them.

        I have to be honest, when Pet P.L.A.Y. told me they were sending me their Large White Camo Play Tunnel, I was figuring it would be a wasteful review as my dogs really aren't the type to run through obstacles or tubes.  I really figured the kids would play more with it.  I was totally wrong and ahead of myself.

        Yes my kids do enjoy the tunnel as you can see from my photos but the dogs do too!  Every night we open it up in the living room and Opie and Rayne run laps through it chasing each other.  They (meaning both the kids and the dogs) all love rolling around and hiding from another in it.  The kids will throw balls to the dogs on the other side(or the other child and yes my kids play fetch with each other).

        This tunnel is great!it's extremely sturdy and hardy made.  It can be used indoors or out and I don't have to worry about it getting destroyed by weather or dog nails as they run through.  It folds up easily and stores flat so it can fit just about anywhere.

Cost:  $109
Available to purchase:  Pet P.L.A.Y 
Recommendation:  I love this tunnel now that we have it and never would have thought to purchase it if I hadn't tried it.  It is on the expensive side but well worth it as it is built to last.  If your pups love to run this would be a great addition to any backyard.  Plus this is a very eco-conscious company that uses products made from recycled materials with the same standards for manufacturing infant and children products.
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