HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker Review

        Instead of carrying around a boombox like in the 80's or a CD player in the 90's whenever you wanted to hear some music, kids now have their iPods.  While working with on one of my more recent reviews, I was introduced to the newest way to 'jam out' - Jams Wireless Speakers!

        Jam Wireless Speakers work with all Bluetooth-enabled devices by connecting wirelessly up to 30 feet away from your device. Measuring a small 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5", your Jams can go wherever you choose without taking up much room in a bag or purse.  Because the Jams Speakers have a lithium-ion battery, it is fully rechargeable and can be used for up to four hours.
        Jams Wireless Speakers work with pretty much every smartphone, tablet, music player with Bluetooth capability, smartphone, iPad®/iPod®, mp3 players, notebooks, and eReaders.  Right now the choice color in America is Strawberry (Red) but you can find your Jams in Apple (green), Apricot (orange), Blackberry (grey), Blueberry (blue), or Grape (purple).

        This little speaker sure packs a punch and the quality is clear as anything.  Best part is you can take your music anywhere without restrictions.  You will be the life of the party because no matter how many people or how loud the crowd is you will still be able to hear your jams!

        I had planned on giving this to Alana as a stocking stuffer but she has officially taken over it.  She is able to take it to her friends houses and parties or in the summer even to the beach.  My sister even wants one now so you see these are even great for those of all ages.

Cost:  $49.99
Available to Purchase:  HDMX Audio
Recommendation:  It seems a little pricy at first when you look at size but in all honesty because it is compatable with just about anything you already have, I'd say the price is worth it.  It would definitely make for a great stocking stuff for just about anyone of any age!
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