Pish Posh Baby LayNGo Activity Mat Lite Review

        You know I used to consider myself a neat freak.   Diagnosed with OCD, everything had its place all the time.  I would even pull out a bottle of wine and my carpet steam cleaner some nights to relax.  But then kids came along and ruined every bit of that.  Its inevitable my house is going to be a mess no matter how hard I try.  I am always taking little opportunities to coach the kids about the importance of picking things up and putting things away.
LayNGo Activity Mat Lite Pink
        So I was super excited when Pish Posh Baby asked me to review the LayNGo Activity Mat Lite Blue.  I'm sure you've seen these or a form of them around.  These are creative play mats that quickly pull up into bag grabbing and keeping everything on it contained.

        This would be perfect for all our legos or matchbox cars I had thought to myself.  But I have to say I was then extremely disappointed to open mine up and realize I was sent an 18" mat.  There is absolutely no point to a mat this small.  The only use I can up with is maybe for beads if you are making jewelry but definitely not toys as you can see I can barely fit 3 small squishy dinosaurs on it.

        Pish Posh Baby does recommend using this size for travel to restaurants or on a plane which I guess I can understand a little.  Because the LayNGo Activity Mat is made of 100% nylon fabric it can be easily wiped and is water repellent.  Its also going to hold up pretty well in case the kiddos toss in too many toys.
LayNGo Activity Mat Large Green
Cost:  $24.95
Available to Purchase:  Pish Posh Baby 
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Recommendation:  I would not pay $24 bucks for this product, however, I would purchase the larger one even at a more expensive price if it is going to save me the effort of picking up toys each night to just to enjoy a clean home.
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