Think Fun Mini Mouth and Daily Puzzle Review and Giveaway

         We are usually quite the game playing family.  We spend at least once a month having a friendly get together with several other families.  We also used to have family game night at least once a week (before Declan started getting into everything) and have just started that back up!  This year we are hoping "Santa" brings us a few games that we can 'learn' from as the boys are getting to the age we need to put their brains to work!

         We also recently had our first pre-school conferences for Dane.  One of the things we we're told was that Dane needed to start working on his dates.  The teacher explained to us that we had focused so much on numbers and counting that we forgot to help him learn his months and days of the week.  She also said we could use flash cards with letters to begin building words early on for him.  So when Think Fun told me they were sending me their Mini Mouth and Daily Puzzle games I was pretty psyched.
         I love that each of their games is listed including the specific learning skills a child can gain from playing them.  You can also search based on those skills, types of games, or by age.  Daily Puzzle™ is a single player game that creates a new puzzle each day as you try to arrange each piece to show the correct date.  It is however, designed for children 8 and older so Dane has been playing it along with Alana's help.
         Mini Mouth is almost like a scrabble or boggle game where you draw tiles and need to create words with them.  The difference is you call out your word as soon as you think of it and get to collect the other persons tiles.  The nice thing about this game is it can go anywhere since it is so small.  It forces Dane to strat thinking of letters and sounds even though he is still too young to fully play it as it is another 8 and older game.

Cost:  $7.99 each
Available to purchase:  Mini Mouth 
Daily Puzzle 
Recommendation:  I cannot wait to share this with others and play with my extended family this Christmas.  I think is a great learning tool and there are a ton others I will be looking into purchasing for the kids from here out.
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Giveaway:  Think Fun is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a choice of Mini Mouth or Daily Puzzle of their own!

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  1. Yackety Smack - The Wacky Record-Your-Own Sound Effects Game!
    My five year old is constantly adding sound effects and rhymes to every conversation - I think he'd love this game!

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  3. michelle gilliland mcafeeDecember 3, 2012 at 10:54 PM

    Chocolate Fix and yackety Smack sound really fun.

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  5. PathWords™ Jr. looks like it could be a great game

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts, they are informative without being too long.

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  8. I like the Zingo games. I think they would be wonderful for teaching my son while playing.

  9. zig zag knot

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  11. id like to try izzi because i really like puzzle games.

  12. i think it would be better if we could type into the rafflecopter which other giveaways, etc we've entered rather than fill up the comment area every time.

  13. Yackety smack sounds fun


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