Unbreakoball Review (reposted) and Giveaway #4

        So we are big animal lovers in my household but over time we have decided on a few rules for our household pets based on our pet peeves (haha that wasn't meant to be ironic).  A big rule of ours is the no stuffing and no squeaker rule.  I can tolerate the noise more than my husband but neither of us have any patience for the fluff every where in our house ten minutes after giving the dogs a new toy.

        It just seems like a waste to keep buying toys that the dogs will tear up in a few short minutes or even over a few days.  Why buy a toy to be destroyed and not used as much as possible(especially when toys are as expensive as they are).  Very rarely I come across a toy that holds true to its claim of being indestructible especially with my three super-dogs.

        When I heard about Unbreakoball, I knew my dogs would be perfect to put this to the test.  So the folks there decided to send me a 6" Unbreakoball.  To be honest, at first the three of them looked at it in confusion.  I think they weren't sure if this was one of the boys toys or one of their own and they didn't want to get into something they'd be in trouble for.

        As always the easy solution for this is peanut butter.  I dabbed a little bit with my finger through a few holes to grab their attention and away they went.  The great thing is that if they are all running around in the kitchen playing they have a hard time grabbing a hold of it because of its solid shape.  So it makes for some good chasing fun.

        Each time they calmed down and one of them got a hold of the Unbreakoball, they seemed to love rolling it around in their lap (front of their chest/paws).  Each chewed a little at it and of course tried to get as much of the peanut butter as possible.  But no one was strong enough to crack it or do much damage and remember I have three pits.  If for some reason one of them did somehow get through it, Unbreakoball is guaranteed and will be replaced.  So no more wasting your money on crappy dog toys!

Cost:  $16.99
Available to purchase:  Unbreakoball
Recommendation:  Totally love this toy as they seemed to love it and it kept them busy.  My only complaint isn't really a complaint just a specification - this is more of a toy and not something to sit and chew on.  Because of the solid form it isn't like the dogs can wrap their mouth around it and gnaw at it.  I will be buying these toys from here on out especially for the low price you can purchase them for AND be guaranteed.
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