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        I have to say that entering the fitness world, I really don't think I had any idea how much was available and out there, especially those promising you the world of change.  The funny thing is that in all reality just getting off the couch and keeping yourself active in itself is going to help you live a healthier and more fit life.  But if I am going to purchase a fitness program and/or spend the time trying a program, I don't want it to be the same old thing.

        This is how I discovered The Core Transformer and all it has to offer.  The Core Transformer uses a 3D Multi-Planar Core Workout System to maximize your workout.  This means each workout you can believe every muscle is being strengthened from every angle.  This not only gives you maximum calorie burn but "cranks up the intensity and works your muscles from the inside out".

        "We’ve found that people BURN up to 1,000 CALORIES PER HOUR using the Total Body Core Transformer Exercise Resistance Band System!"  To be honest...this was awesome!  Kevin even tried it out with me and being that he is the more fit one - he was panting like a baby by the time we were done!

        I was sweating like crazy and sore as anything afterwards.  I thought this truly was a great workout and was unlike any other resistance band training we have tried before (Kevin has tried several).  My only complaint was there were a few tasks/exercises where I felt tangled up like I was going to trip over myself.  Oh and I do have to note I hate how the people in the videos are always smiling - give me a break no one smiles throughout an intense workout!  I disliked this about the girls in the background but loved that Linda (up front) actually looked REAL!

        The factor that I truly feel makes this program different than any other is the fact that these products are "made from sustainable rubber trees."  There is even a repair tube which "will help extend the life of your Core Transformer Exercise Resistance Tube to the max–and of course help green your workout by recycling your handles and foot straps."

Cost/Available to purchase:  $34.95 Core Transformer Kit 
$9.95 Resistance Repair Band ($5 only when purchased with the kit)
Recommendation:  I foresee some serious weight loss in my future as long as I can stick with this!  I plan on purchasing another set to be able to work out with a partner.  This is such a great price especially when compared to the price of a gym membership AND green friendly!

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Giveaway:  Core Transformer is going to give Three of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Core Transformer Kit of their own!  Look for this to begin on 1/17/13 as part of the "Get Moving 2013" Blog Hop!

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