Kyjen Ball In Ball Dog Puzzle Review

The Kyjen Company
        So we are big animal lovers in my household but over time we have decided on a few rules for our household pets based on our pet peeves (haha that wasn't meant to be ironic).  A big rule of ours is the no stuffing and no squeaker rule.  I can tolerate the noise more than my husband but neither of us have any patience for the fluff every where in our house ten minutes after giving the dogs a new toy.

        It just seems like a waste to keep buying toys that the dogs will tear up in a few short minutes or even over a few days.  Why buy a toy to be destroyed and not used as much as possible(especially when toys are as expensive as they are).  Very rarely I come across a toy that holds true to its claim of being indestructible especially with my three super-dogs.
I had a hard time getting them to sit still with the ball :(

        When I heard about Kyjen, I knew my dogs would be perfect for their products.  Kyjen "designs and makes unique toys, games, puzzles, travel products and other quality dog products that keep dogs active and engaged!"  As with most couples or of course even singles, the Kyjen couple (Ky + Jen = Kyjen) had their pups before the babies.  They were an active couple looking for solutions for their lifestyle with their pups!

        When given the choice in toys I again went with a ball in which I hoped would be not only entertaining but last more than a day!  I picked the Ball In Ball which is a "Rubber Puzzle for Dogs that Love a Ball".  As usual the three of them looked at it in confusion hoping it wasn't one of the boys toys.  And again my always go to solution is adding a scoop of peanut butter to the inside of the ball.

        The three of them loved running around in the kitchen chasing after each other for it.  Another nice perk is that because of the ball inside the ball puzzle, they would calmed down as well and loved rolling it around in their lap (front of their chest/paws).  Each dog tried desperately to pull the tennis ball from inside.  So far believe it or not none of them have been successful after about 3 weeks playing.

Cost:  $16.99
Available to purchase:  Kyjen 
Recommendation:  Totally love this toy as they seemed to love it and it kept them busy.  Now you won't see me reviewing to many plush toys  but they have a ton that are worth checking out!  I think these toys are worth it at this price since they have lasted several weeks already in my house.
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