Faeries Dance I appear Long Sleeve T Review and Giveaway

        I have always been one of those people who loves to find unique and out of the ordinary clothing and accessories especially those that are organic or green friendly nowadays.  Because of this my style has changed very little and way back when I was always in love with finding shirts that had creative sayings or quotes on them.  I am all about expressing your personality through clothing, hair color, tattoos, and any other way you feel.

 Annabelle Skirt/Dress
        Searching out organic clothing, I came across the cutest of sites called Faeries Dance and I knew I had to try something of theirs out.  Faeries Dance is committed to providing an all around  environmentally conscious shopping experience.  They do a number of things to ensure this happens including using products made from environmentally sensitive fabrics and low-impact dyes, and sourcing products that are 100% fair trade regardless of where in the world they are created.

        They also use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all invoices, and print "double-sided for all our in-house paper uses".  They even "reuse boxes and packing materials that are shipped to us and donate 1% of our gross income to charities that protect our natural world."

        I had a difficult time picking out something from Faeries Dance as they have a ton available that I would love to wear but I finally settled on the I appear Long Sleeve T.  As you can see it says on the front of the shirt, "i appear in the wind, in soil, in stardust, in the sun, i appear in mountains, and desert rain, i am the star and i am the stone".  Although my husband and daughter were a little confused by it, I love it!

        This expresses my love for nature and feeling that we are all apart of it in my eyes!  This shirt is 100% organic cotton and fit me perfectly.  I loved how soft it was to wear around the house and even out to shop with my sister.
 Alba Padded Underwire Bra
Cost:  $36 I appear Long Sleeve T
Available to purchase: Faeries Dance
Recommendation:  I love with the material and the design of this shirt.  The price could be considered either way high or low.  They price their clothing under market value to encourage eco-friendly purchases but if this was any other normal shirt I might think it was a bit pricy.  This is definitely a beautiful shop to check the different styles out!
Facebook:  Faeries Dance 

Giveaway:  Faeries Dance  is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a top of their choice under $50 of their own!

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  1. lace up shirt

  2. I really like the Juliet Jacket. You could dress it up or wear it with jeans. Thanks for the chance.

  3. I thinl I would get the green Sadie top. There are so many things I like!

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Christine Sutor

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