Vamplet Howliss the Werewolf Baby Review

        I've mentioned before that if you haven’t been hiding out the last couple years, you know that the popularity of vampires and werewolves has increased dramatically with movies like Twilight and shows like True Blood.  We have become more and more into things like zombies in our family but my teenage daughter is one of the many obsessed with the Twilight series.  Very rarely I come across a product to review that she enjoys.  However, since late in 2011 when I first reviewed the Vamplet Babies, we have a new obsession in our household.

        Vamplets are diapered demon vampire babies.  These absolutely cute and creepy babies are looking to be adopted into “their final resting place”.  You can even enter your new baby on the website to print its undead certificate.  There is a forum to discuss your vamplets with other “unfortunate” vamplet parents.  There are bios on each Vamplet to be sure you receive proper warnings and care as well as a funeral home to create a final resting place for each of them.

        As time passes, the Vamplet world continues to evolve into a more dark and gruesome world.  Since I first worked with them they have welcomed even more creepy and gothic babies into their world.  These include a werewolf, cyclops, zombie, and abominabal snow babies.  They also added their VamPet babies which we recently adopted  Hector the Vampyre Bat Baby.

        Initially I received Lily Rose Shadowlyn Vamplet baby for Alana and then again in October I got a Hector the vampyre bat baby VamPet.  We even bought Count Vlad Von Gloom as a gift for her birthday at the beginning of last year.  But there has been one specific evil creature that has caught her eye since it first came out last year and she has been begging for it ever since - Howliss the Werewolf Baby.

        Of course we needed to make proper arrangements for this little addition because she can transform at any moment!  We had to get "numerous large scratching posts and a large bone for teething and clawing as well as a sturdy cage with silver bars".  Our Vamplet family has eternal stood by Alana in great condition, scaring away the evil beings (or boyfriends) since each arrived in our household.  They have even taken on a protection role in the boys lives too!

Cost:  $19.95 Howliss the Werewolf Baby
         $5.95 Bottle of Disappearing Blood
Recommendation:  I have had a blast with these little one’s however I do feel like they are quite pricey at almost $20 a doll.  I love seeing that a portion of this guys sales go to help the bat sanctuary.  Vamplets are definitely a fun toy for us Halloween lovers to have all year round.  I'm sure we will continue adopting the numerous grim babies!
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