Sweaty Bands Review and Giveaway

Sweaty Bands
        Working out can be such a hassle and in more way than one.  But really all these hassles just become excuses not to get off your butt.  One of my excuses and believe me its a silly one - is my hair.  I usually have my hair cut somewhat short in almost a bob of sorts.  Even when I pull it into a pony tail or pig tails I have the shorter hair in the front that always falls in my face.

        It then, of course gets all nasty full of sweat and I am really weird and particular about sweating.  Don't get me wrong I do it a lot but I can't stand the dripping or slippery feel of it and don't get me started on smells as I have the most sensitive nose in the world!  During my search for products to make working out life easier, I discovered Sweaty Bands!

        Sweaty Bands are fitness headbands which are supposed to be nonslip and comfortable for all activities.  They actually claim on the package that they are "The #1 Fitness Headband in the World!"  My first thoughts were that was a pretty bold statement to make especially considering I've never heard of them as well as a few others I initially mentioned them to.

        So I had to give it a try of course!  First off these come is some exceptionally adorable and stylish designs!  You can find anything from glittery bling to animal prints to sports teams, Greek lettering and more.  I love the variety!  They are available in a 5/8" width up to a 1 1/5" width.  The inside is a velvet material which is what is supposed to help prevent sliding.

        Once they arrived and as you can see everyone in my house as well as our frequent visitors wanted to try them on which I thought was awesome (especially the very self confident guys) although none of them wore them correctly!  I received a ton of compliments in my boot camp on how cute the designs were as well!  I did feel a little slippage when I was doing sit-ups or something that required more head and neck movement.  For the most part mine stay in place throughout the work out and held my hair in place.

Cost:  $10-18 depending on size and design
Available to purchase:  Sweaty Bands
Recommendation:  They are a bit expensive for my taste but definitely do the job.  I would just like to see them offered at a much more reasonable price for a headband.  The nice thing is that you can wear these for more than just working out!
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Giveaway:  Sweaty Bands is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a pack of Sweaty Bands of their own!  Look for this to begin on 1/17/13 as part of the "Get Moving 2013" Blog Hop!

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