It Works! Ultimate Body Makeover Review

        About two years ago I was lucky enough to be invited a fit mommy play group.  In that group I met several motivated motivated mothers on of which I have admired from day one.  Her full time career is actually in the same field as my degree and she has always been quite the self starter.  Luckily Angela just so happen to start as a consultant for It Works Body Wraps.

        In a recent conversation, she asked if I would be interested in giving the body wraps a try.  Now you should all know this couldn't have come at a better time since this was about a month ago when I was starting my new fitness regimen.  Also around the same time I had received the wonderful invitation from Xlear to become a Blog Ambassador for them.  With this opportunity came a well needed trip to Cancun Mexico to learn about the company and products.

        Angela agree to wrap me four times over the course of two and a half weeks.  The wraps can be applied every three days but not more frequently and are on for approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  Initially the wraps had a strong smell and made my mid-section all cold and tingly.  I will say this I did start to itch a little towards the end of the hour but I think it was really because of the saran wrap around my belly.

        After the first wrap you could already notice an initial smoothness and I had even experienced the added bonus of about one inch loss.  After the first session Angela also left me with a few It Works samples to help maximize my results which included the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter w/ Carb Inhibitors, the Ultimate ThermoFit, the Greens on the Go, and the Defining Gel.
        I religiously applied the Defining Gel after each morning shower and at least one other time throughout the day such as before bed.  My absolutely only complaint about the gel was that it was a bit sticky for a few minutes after the application otherwise it made my skin feel great and definitely reduced the look of my pregnancy stretch marks. I even felt like the cellulite bumps started to fade.

        I also immediately started to take the Ultimate ThermoFit each day.  To be honest I really didn't notice much of a change with this one except maybe a small increase in energy.  One of the weird things that I did notice was that each of the pills had a slight citrus taste which I loved.  Even though they are supposed to be swallowed there's nothing more I hate than going to swallow any pill and it tasting like that chalky vitamin nastiness.

        As far as the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter w/ Carb is actually supposed to work similar to the popular diet drug Alli.  The nice thing is it works the same without the "negative side affects" I am sure you have heard of.  You take two pills one time a day within an hour of what you believe to be your fattiest meal.  It should help your digestive system just pass these "bad" ingredients right through.

        Before and after each wrap, Angela would measure me in several areas.  She would also take before and after photos each of the sessions.  After some sessions I would seriously bloat and others I would slim down overall.  I felt all around better and not only did I feel more regular in the digestive areas but my skin felt healthier and more with each wrap application.  My favorite part of this whole experience and process has been the change in appearance of my baby belly. I may not be down in weight or inches at least according to my goals, but I feel great and my stretch marks are lighter and tighter looking!

Cost/Available to purchase:  Shop Wraps 
$79 Defining Gel
$99-4 Ultimate Body Wrap Applicators
$49 Greens on the Go
$59 Ultimate ThermoFit
$33 Advanced Formula Fat Fighter w/ Carb Inhibitors
Recommendation:  Now there are several package options which will obviously help reduce these costs as these are all listed as if you purchased them alone.  I do think this is an expensive treatment which isn't for everyone.  However I DO recommend trying it at least once or twice.  I thought just the way I felt and looked externally was enough for me to consider the costs of continuing to use this in hopes of achieving the same internal results.
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  1. sounds like an interesting product. you had good results.


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