HALO® ComfortLuxe™ Sensitive Skin Sleepwear Two-Piece Set Review

        For some odd reason I ended up with what seems like the sweatiest (no it's not a word but really the sweatiest) two boys ever!  I think it is the grossest thing to have their hair constantly look like they just got out of the shower as well as having to frequently change my clothes when they fall asleep on me because they are soaking.  Maybe it's all boys but this has become quite the learning experience for me.

        Not only do I constantly have to bath them and dry up places they sleep but I have to plan their clothing accordingly with the weather, humidity, and overall daily activities.   Plus it's not like when you have a sweaty kid, you can just let em run around naked all year round to keep them cool.  They'd be constantly sick if that was the case.

        Another issue I have come across is all the heat rashes from their clothes not breathing properly when they sleep.  Declan more specifically wakes up constantly with rashes on his body and especially in the diaper area.  Dane sometimes has breakouts like he's a teen and ends up with "itchy" personal areas when he gets up.

        Now I've already heard of and used the Halo Sleep Sacks when they were babies but I just now discovered that they have a line not only for older children but geared towards those HOT kiddos.  I was sent over two HALO® ComfortLuxe™ Sensitive Skin Sleepwear Two-Piece Set for the boys to review.

        We were all pretty pumped to have the chance to review these with both boys and let me tell you they actually both wanted to wear them as soon as they arrived at the door.  The 4T fit Declan perfectly (he usually wears a 3T) but the 4T was very tight and small for Dane (who usually wears 4T-5T).  We actually had to to cut the ankle part of the Danes pants so he could get them over his feet.

        "Made with ComfortLuxe™ fabric, it is lightweight, breathes and wicks moisture to keep skin healthy. Great for sensitive skin conditions.  The National Eczema Association (NEA) has awarded the Seal of Acceptance to HALO ComfortLuxe Sleepwear." Both boys seemed noticeably cooler and more importantly dryer in the mornings.  I loved how soft these jammies are how neither of them complained about them sticking to their body parts or being hot and wanting to strip.

Available to purchase/Cost: $21.95  or Amazon 
Recommendation:  You know to have a company that makes a dependable brand/product that I can use from birth to even 5 years old, I am sold!  Kids just grow too darn fast and keeping up with different brands for different ages can just get kind of ridiculous!
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  1. I think it's all boys not just yours!


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