Man Cave World Wide Grilling Products Review and #Giveaway

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        You know as a product reviewer it can be frustrating at times when you cannot find a variety of anything really.   As a writer not only can you hit road blocks when it comes to new material but I personally like to provide you all with a wide spread of post subjects.  I have found though that there are a lot fewer products geared towards men or at least companies willing to work with bloggers in this category.

        My husband is a an active participant in my reviewing process of all products for the most part.  Well thankfully for this Fathers day I am able to share with you a truly manly brand.  I first came across Man Cave about a year go at a local wine and dine event where there was a variety of vendors.  I was beyond impressed with the guys at the booth and they seemed so down to earth as they explained all their products to me.
        Man Cave is "the first home party for men...and it's about damn time.  We get guys together for home parties called MEATings where they eat meat, drink beer, and experience fun products/games all of which is provided by us.  Man Cave® Guides set up MEATings on a part time basis."  What I love is this is just like any home party except for guys and in a manly way.  For those who still don't understand, the Guides bring grilling products, beer, games, etc. to keep everyone entertained and the guys can buy any of the products they like that they use, try, taste, or play!
        They graciously sent me over a Major Flavor Injector and a Non-Stick Rib Rack to review for them.  Now I'm definitely not someone who wants to buy my meat at the store with absolutely anything injected into it but when Kevin is the one doing the injecting I'm totally down!  This way I can marinate my foods from the inside out instead of having to soak and coat the outside only.  This flavor injector worked especially great with chicken.

        I personally have never been a fan of ribs but Kevin and Alana on the other hand absolutely love them!  Kevin was thrilled when the rib rack arrived as you can see the boys proudly showing it off in my pictures.  This rack perfectly spaces out each of your slabs so they can evenly cook.  Using this rack even helped keep the outsides from charring.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $35 Major Flavor Injector
$18 Non-Stick Rib Rack
Recommendation:  I love the variety of grilling and outdoor entertainment products you can get from them.  I especially want to get my hands on the life size jenga for Kevin as I know he will love it for our summer parties in the backyard!  I think all the prizes are beyond reasonable for their category and compared to competitors plus home party products are rarely inexpensive!
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Giveaway:  Man Cave is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Major Flavor Injector and Non-Stick Rib Rack of their own!
This will be part of the Decked Out Dad's Day Giveaway Event beginning 5/22/13

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