Whole Sale Costume Club Sexy Ruby Red Hot Women's Flapper Costume Review

        It's funny because as I started to write this review, a news program came on about the new "in styles" for this year's  season.  Because of the new movie coming out this summer, "The Great Gatsby", apparently the 1920's styles are coming back around.  Honestly nothing could make me happier as I've always said I was born in the wrong era.  I just love this style of clothing as well as some of the crazy traditions and monumental events that took place during this time.

        Kevin and I have actually discussed dressing for the 1920's as gangsters during Halloween for several years but something different just came up and we went with a different style.  I could not have been happier than when Wholesale Costume Club asked me to do another review for them of a costume from this era.  I chose the Sexy Ruby Red Hot Women's Flapper Costume for my review.

womens-costumes - Sexy Ruby Red Hot Women
        I have to say I just love this style dress so so so much, I can honestly see myself wearing this at a time other than Halloween.  Maybe an awesome themed party over the summer or even for some fun just around the house (wink wink).

        This dress seemed pretty well made and was a soft silky material.  I loved the accessories that were included as I've even worn the headband separately once so far.  My only complaint is yet again due to fault of my own as this dress doesn't fit quite well on a curvy girl like me so I will have to wait until I lose some weight to start sporting it around.

     Wholesale Costume Club if you choose is $5 a year for discounted everything on their site.  Of course you don't have to be a member to buy or even until you decide to buy.  These are some of the best prices I've seen on costumes (most over 50% off retail pricing)!  Most are under $50 and even a bunch are under $35.

Available to purchase/Cost: $44.98 Member Price $39.99 Non-Member Price  Flapper Costumes    
“Flap Over Flappers”    
Recommendation:  If you are even remotely a Halloween fan I recommend at least giving them a looksy.  I will bet you find something if not several items and like I said before the prices are fantastic especially compared to retail stores!
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