Healthy To Go Brands Vita Rocks Vitamin Pop Rocks Review

        So growing up one of my favorite things to do was walk to the drug store with my older brother and buy candy.  Now the drug store was only at the end of the main road in our subdivision which was about 4 blocks away.  We would go into the store, buy candy and slush puppies (the original slurpees but with little round ice cubes) and whatever else we could think to grab.  I remember always buying pop rocks and of course who didn't try putting them in a coke to see if it would explode?  When I heard about Vita Rocks I was really excited.  Pop rocks that are vitamins...who wouldn't be taking their vitamins daily with these babies.  I was given a sample of Vita Rocks in exchange for a review and was more than happy to try it out.

        The Vita Rocks vitamins are made by TO GO Brands.  They are made to target those kids (or adults) that don't like to take medicine or daily vitamins.  This is a way for parents to "trick" kids into taking vitamins by disguising it as candy.  Now normally I am not for this method of making medicine be candy in anyway, but that's just me.  I have always told my kids that when they are taking any medication, that it was medicine and not candy so they couldn't want or have more than what I gave them.  Vita Rocks come in four flavors Blue Razz, C (orange), Cherry Blast and Grape Gusher.  These are all flavors that kids and adults alike will enjoy and want to take on a regular basis.  I, personally, am still on the fence about making medicine look and act like candy but I do like pop rocks.

        Despite my candy/medicine hang up I gave these a try and was pleased that they actually tasted like pop rocks.  They fizzle, crack, pop, and everything.  Kinda makes me wonder what would happen if I put them in coke (haha)!  I thought for sure there would be an aftertaste but glad their wasn't.  My kids were not fans of the vitamins but it was because of the popping and fizzle sensation not because of the taste.  I guess 4 and 2 are a little young to get the enjoyment out of that kind of memory I have as a kid.  When given to Randi's children they really liked the Vita Rocks because it was something different and they thought it was cool.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $7.95
Recommendation:  Although I am against making medicine be anything like candy I do recommend this product to anyone who enjoyed pop rocks as a child and who might have a fussy vitamin taker in the house.  These taste amazing and are fun to eat.  Just make sure to explain to the child after they have taken it that they can't have any more because it is a vitamin.
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