Bejeweled Frenzy Review and #Giveaway

        So I love the Hasbro company and all the games that they make which I have grown up with and still play with my children.  They have teamed up with PopCap this time to give us Bejeweled Frenzy.  If you have a computer or a smartphone I'm sure you have been addicted to matching those jewels and advancing to the next level at one time or another.  Hasbro sent me over a copy of Bejeweled Frenzy to review with my friends and children!

Bejeweled Frenzy Game
        This time you can actually manipulate the jewels in the form of cards in this multiple player game.  This game has you take turns picking one card at a time to trying to make three matches in front of you almost similar to a Go fish or Rummy.  Once you have a match of three you slide those cards into a stack and take the frenzy jewel.  The play continues like this until all cards have been dealt.  The winner is the person with the most points (jewels and cards are worth different point amounts).

        We took this out and tried to start playing it but unfortunately it was really boring with only two people (and two adults at that).  The children seemed to have a hard time playing by the exact rules but they still enjoyed making matches.  We are going to try again with larger group hoping it will be a bit better.  This was definitely better than the original Bejeweled board game where you move all the pieces yourself and I could see this being played with some girlfriends over drinks or on a low key hanging out night.  But definitely need more than two people for this game to be fun.
Bejeweled Frenzy Game
Cost/Available to Purchase: $14.99 Bejeweled Frenzy
Recommendation: Being a avid game player and loving all kinds of games from video games to cards and I do not recommend this game.  Although it was a better plan and concept than the original version of the Bejeweled game, it still is not up to par with how the original computer game plays.  Although I do not recommend this Hasbro game I am still a fan of the classics and glad that Hasbro continues to try innovative ideas to bring us more games to play.
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  1. I think you do an awesome job, no complaints on my end.


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