Toy Splash Inflatable Pool Boat House Review and #Giveaway

        There are very few children I have come across which do not like the water.  It could be just the people I have surrounded myself with but for the most part everyone seems to love being in the pool.  Even the ones who are scared initially usually warm up to the idea pretty quickly and especially in our home since we are a house full of swimmers and lifeguards.

        Even Dane my oldest son is a little weary of getting in the water in the beginning of the season.  However if you have the right life vests to give them the confidence and a few extremely fun and of course tempting pool toys, any child seems willing to give the water a try.

        Since my sisters and I are all grown, my parents are quite excited to finally have some grandchildren who will use the pool again.  They are always trying to find new and exciting pool toys to replace the old ones we had way back when.  Thankfully they discovered Toy Splash and when I contacted them, they agreed to send me over their totally awesome Inflatable Pool Boat House which came complete with an inflatable boat, ring buoys, and a removable raft!

        I love the fact that each piece on this thing is separate so it can be put together quickly (once you've done it a few times) and repaired easily.  With the majority of the panels being separate, you can still easily use this float even with a hole or tear.  If you choose to get something like this just be careful that you blow it up slowly and gently.

        Only problem we did encounter is that our had a hole upon arrival in one of the main walls of the boat house.  I'm assuming this was because of how thin the vinyl was.  We have been searching for a hole to repair but can't seem to find it as we are thinking it's on a seam.  Again if it was anywhere else on this float it wouldn't matter as it would still be erected just fine.

        The kids are super excited to use this one this summer's as they have several other boats they plan on docking while they play inside it!  The best part is this play (boat) house leaves a ton of room for imaginary play and gives the kids a reason to stay active and outside!  Toy Splash offers a variety of pool toys, rafts, floats, pools, coolers, learning to swim, accessories, even snow tubes and more!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $84.99 Inflatable Pool Boat House 
DISCOUNT:  Enter 'LADYBUG' at checkout to receive a special 15% discount on your purchase!
Recommendation:  I think this is beyond reasonable cost as most companies seem to be much higher pricing for something so large.  I love the variety and the great pricing that Toy Splash offers in all areas of a pool!
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Giveaway:  Toy Splash is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Inflatable Pool Boat House of their own!  *This will be part of the "Swim, Sun, & Fun Giveaway" event which goes live 6/25/13 so keep a look out for it.

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  1. Oh! I really love this pool toy. This really looks cute. This would surely encourage children to swim. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. This looks like so much fun! My daughter and nieces would love this!

  3. Even though the vinyl might be thin, it's a great pool toy :) I'm glad you said blow it up slowly, I wouldn't use a commercial air pump, that would be too fast and might pop all the pieces, lol It sure does come with alot of accessories, this pool toy looks like it is worth the money :) Thank you for the review!

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