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        So I was contacted by Gayla Twist to see if I was interested in reviewing the first book of The Vanderlind Castle Series called "Call of the Vampire."  I was so flattered to be approached by the author herself to read her book that I couldn't wait to start reading it.  I have always had a weird fascination with vampires ever since I can remember and it hasn't stopped.  So when I get approached to read a vampire book I get really excited about it.

        This book is about two friends Aurora and Blossom who live in a small town that has a mysterious castle in it.  The girls especially Aurora (the first person storyteller) have been fascinated by it for as long as they can remember.  One night the girls notice that their is a lavish party going on at the Vanderlind Castle, but all the guests are arriving by boats and not using the front door.  No one ever used the front door of the castle to enter it.  The girls decided that they are going to crash the party just to see inside the castle.  Little did they know what kind of danger they were really going to getting into that fateful night.

        The girls ended up getting into the party and were met a boy named Jessie Vanderlind, who mistook Aurora for someone named Colette,  along with meeting Daniel Vanderline and Viktor.  Blossom ends up having too much to drink at the party and Aurora is left to tend to her friend in the castle all night long after they are locked in a room by Jessie and told not to leave until morning.

        When nature calls Aurora she steps out into a world she never knew existed and suddenly her world will never be the same.  She starts to have dreams of being attacked, chased and also of being loved and cherished.  She doesn't understand these dreams and what they mean, so she starts keeping a journal and starts to visit her Great Grandmother more since she was once employed at the Vanderlind Castle and Aurora needed to know more information about the people inside and what her dreams meant.

        I was captivated by the friendship that Aurora and Jessie form and how Blossom is blissfully unaware of all that her friend was feeling and going through.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series to see what becomes of all the characters you grow to love and hate.  This is really well written and an easy read, I finished it in two sittings I couldn't put it down until my eyelids got so heavy I couldn't keep them open anymore.

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Recommendation:  I recommend this to anyone who likes the vampire life and suspense all intertwined with a love story this is the book for you.  I enjoyed getting to know all the characters and look forward to learning more of their story in the next book of the Vanderlind Castle Series.
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