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        So I never used to be a big tea drinker, that was until I started student teaching.  My mentor teacher had an electric tea pot in her room and we started having tea every morning while making our lesson plans.  I became hooked on drinking tea from then on.  When I found Conscious Teas while surfing the web, I loved their concept and had to contact them.  I was excited to try their loose teas when they agreed to send me over some in exchange for a review.

        Conscious Teas is an organic, holistic company based out of Missouri.  Kate Adelia is founder of Conscious Teas.  She works hard to provide you with the best experience and the freshest tasting tea in a loose leaf form.  I like the fact that they try to use most their ingredients from right here in the United States, even though a few need to be imported to gain that unique flavors that these teas offer.

        When I received the tea I was so excited to try it.  I quickly brewed a cup of awakening tea that tasted smelled of orange and lavender, a very fresh and clean smell.  Smelling it my eyes opened wide and I immediately felt energized and ready to start the day.  This tea was absolutely delicious too. Once the tea cooled to drinking temperature I could detect a small hint of mint.  I really enjoyed this tea and all the flavors were so intense.  I  haven’t been disappointed yet with all the different teas they sent me for review.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $7.00 for 15 servings 2 Teaspoons each serving
Recommendation: I recommend Conscious Tea for anyone who really loves tea.  This company makes many different varieties of tea that are so fresh and the organic aspect of this company is very appealing to me as a consumer who is looking for healthier alternatives to all the processed foods in our lives now a days.
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