Swim Ways Review and #Giveaway - Shark Sea Squirts Swim Assist, Spring Float Hibiscus Graphic Prints, and Spring Float Recliner Duet

        As most of our followers know we spend the Summers at the "office" aka Randi's pool.  Randi and I work outside on the table with our laptops while the kids play in the pool.  This works amazing most of the time to get work done, however we can tend to get distracted by the kids often if they get "bored", so when Swim Ways agreed to send us an amazing swim package to review we were ecstatic.  We were sent a Shark Sea Squirts Swim Assist, a Spring Float Hibiscus Graphic Prints, and a Spring Float Recliner Duet. 

       The Shark Sea Squirts Swim Assist was a huge hit with kids.  They took turns very nicely sharing and wearing the vest to swim across the pool pretending to be a shark.  They were able to swim without being constricted by floats on their arms. Dane (5) put this on and was swimming across the pool for the very first time ever.  It was truly amazing to see how he was able to swim with out needing the security of his normal swim vest.

       Next, Mikayla (4) put this on and was swimming like the fish that she is.  Natural born swimmer she was putting her face in the water and making the shark fin stick out of the water so she looked like a shark swimming in the pool.  Then Declan (2) put this on, he needed help from his big sister to hold up his belly while he tried to learn how to swim although still doing well.  The two older children kept taking turns wearing the shark vest so they could swim and be the shark and impress others with their swimming skills.  It was so cute seeing them play together and share the new swim vest.

       The Spring Float Hibiscus Graphic was also a big hit with the kids.  The three oldest children can all fit on this float at the same time and it holds them all pretty well without sinking.  The kids were using this as a boat and taking it to their secret island (such imaginations they have).  The float folds conveniently into a holder for easy carrying and springs open with only a little bit of blowing up.  This one would be easy enough to take anywhere and convenient to carry with you.  It is really nice to be able to float yet still be in the water keeping cool.   It's the perfect place to lay, catch some rays and just plain relax.  One could even take a nap if the kids weren't all over the float and you while were trying to nap.

       The Spring Float Recliner Duet was the best float ever.  We did need a pump to blow it up, which luckily we had readily available.  Although I am sure someone with some strong lungs would be able to get it easily blown up.  Once we put this in the pool, Randi and I got on it to cool off from sitting in the sun all day long. This was super cool since we could face each other and have an easy conversation with one another while the kids all climbed on us and the float.

       This didn't seem to flip over easily even with all the kids climbing on it and two adults sitting on it.  It was even quite comfortable whether you were sitting up, back against the pillow or laying back trying to nap. Our only complaint was that the cup holders that are in it are a little less than what we would have liked to have had size wise, but this float is one of the best I have ever used in my life.

       This company has by far outdone themselves as far as products go.  Everything we received in exchange for a review was better than we could have imagined.  The kids all loved all the products and will continue to use them all summer long.  Spending time at the pool in the summer is an almost daily occurrence and knowing we have reliable products for the kids to play and enjoy all summer is a huge relief as a parent.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $34.95 Sea Squirts Swim Assist
$31.95 Spring Float Graphic Prints
$89.95 Spring Float Recliner Duet
Recommendation:  The pricing on everything seemed more than reasonable and average for items in their category and of their quality.  The best part is that even if these few items I've shared with you maybe aren't for your lifestyle, they have tons to choose from!  These though, have become regular favorites and are used almost daily.
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Giveaway:  Swim Ways is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a the same 3 items I received of their own!  *This will be part of the "Swim, Sun, & Fun Giveaway" event which goes live 6/25/13 so keep a look out for it.

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I love the shark vest so cute! Looking forward to the giveaway on the 25th.


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