BugBand Natural Insect Repellent Review

        I am from a family who enjoys being outdoors, fishing and spending time in the woods camping (in a cabin of course).  Loving the outdoors comes with the typical worries and annoyances of things like poison ivy and the bugs.  Being a mother and Aunt to a total of five children under the age of four, I am always looking for all natural bug spray to keep all the chemicals off the kids.  Since my kids have such sensitive skin, something natural keeps them from having any additional reactions as well.

        I contacted the company BugBand to see if I could give their products a try.  To my surprise they quickly sent me quite the variety of their products.  I had a wide choice of product to use when spending time at the cottage with the family to protect us from the mosquito's.  BugBand uses all natural ingredients in their bug repellent products and I really like that I can pronounce all the ingredients that are used in each of these.  

        I have used all natural products before and was worried that these would have a strong citronella smell like most.  However I was quiet surprised that it was more of pleasant and soft smell.  The wipes smelled almost like any other kind of cleansing wipe. The bracelet didn't have a smell and was easily adjustable to fit even my 10 week old nephew's ankle.  Being that this was all natural I didn't have to worry about if I could use the product safely for an infant this young without fear of any of the nasty chemicals found in most other products.

        The Bracelet seemed to work pretty well on the baby when he was outside.  Although he was only outside for about an hour or two since we didn't want him in the sun or around the bugs for very long.  When he had the bracelet on his ankle the bugs did seem to stay away from him.  I like that these are available in a  variety of colors to add a bit of style to your protection!

        I used the wipes on both my daughters and they ended up with a total of three bites combined.  My four year old had two on her leg and my 2 year old got one on her hand.  They were the ones outside the longest amount of time and were playing in the wooded area of the yard.  I would expect that they would have had bites no matter what they had on, but seeing that they had minimal made me very happy.  

        I sprayed my mom down with the spray while she was barbecuing and she didn't need to reapply all day long.  The mosquito's stayed away from her from 2:30 pm until well after 10:30 pm with the single application.  I also used the spray on myself and didn't suffer any bites.  In my opinion the spray option works the best keeping those pesky mosquito's from biting those using it.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $4.95 Spray
$0.99 Wipes (2 pack)
$4.95 Bracelet
Recommendation:  I highly recommend this wonderful natural product to keep the mosquito's away from biting you or your family.  We were able to feel safe using this on all the kids and the adults alike.  This product has a minty scent which I loved and was refreshing compared to the other products that are out there claiming to be all natural.  They even carry products for bed bugs too as well as a few other products for the mosquito's.  The prices are beyond reasonable if you ask me!
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  1. I need to get this for my daughter to try. She is a mosquito magnet. She loves to go camping but usually gets eat up with mosquito bites so this may be perfect for her.

  2. We use BugBands and LOVE them! My daughter wears ones at her soccer games and we use the spray and wipes when we go camping - they are great!

  3. It's very nice to hear that the smell is not so strong. It's such a turn off to use even the best of products if the smell is unpleasant (especially for the kids!).

  4. The spray sounds like a good investment. Is it oily at all? My biggest issue is with oily products. I tend to use Skin So Soft orginal scent which goes on oily but dries without being slick.

  5. I may have to try this. My family tends to be mosquito magnets.

  6. We camp from April through October and constantly use bugbands. They are great and I feel comfortable using them with my kids.


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