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        So being that I am always on my smartphone my kids are always wanting to play games on my phone or tablet or even my computer.  Children have always imitated their parents and role models but today things have become much more complicated with the increase in technology AND the expense of these items in such a touch economical time.  When I discovered Pylones USA and all the creative toys and novelty gifts they offer I was excited to team up and start working together!

        "Founded in France in 1985, Pylones (pronounced pea-lone), delights consumers everywhere with thoughtful designs and innovative twists on everyday objects.  Pylones shops are renowned for their ingenious window displays and a festive environment mixing humor and whimsy with smile-inducing and practical products that address every aspect of life including home, office, playtime, personal grooming, and even pets."

        Pylones-USA products have a wide variety of the unique toys and specialty items which make for some awesome gifts.  The majority of their products are eco-friendly and made to stand up to the rough and tough play of kids.  They carry tons of items from computer stickers to wine stoppers, really anything unique that you are looking for you will find it on this site.  Pylones USA sent me over to review a few neat items to review which included My First Facebook and iWoody.

        The iWoody “my first I-phone” is a smartphone for your kiddos.  It even comes with play headphones that plug in to the top.  The soft sponges can’t hurt the children even if they do manage to shove them in their ears it’s big enough to not to shove too far into their ears.  It came with chalk so the kids could draw on the face of the iPhone with whatever they wanted.  This was really cute and all the kids (2-5) loved taking turns to play with it and calling “Papa.”

        The My First Facebook book is hilarious, it is a book of heads that you draw a face on making it a face book.  I like the play on words since I am an English major, it made the adults all laugh and then the kids joined in even though they didn't get it.  The kids liked drawing faces and coloring the pictures in the book to look like people we all knew. Both these products were really cute and the kids enjoyed them a whole lot.  They are still playing with them even though I am pretty sure they lost the piece of chalk and most of the pages are colored in!

Cost/Available to Purchase: $16.00 iWoody
Recommendation:  These products are very cute and wooden toys hold up really well with kids rough play.  They withstand the complete destruction kids have on toys, and saves Mommy or Daddy from giving up their own phone all of the time so their kids have something to play with.  I love the variety of all the gifts and gadgets they have available.  Plus everything is pretty decently priced!
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