Hasbro Magic Jinn Review and #Giveaway

        Its interesting to me to see the things they come out with each day for children of today.  I am sure my parents thought the same things of us growing up but it seems we can't come up with new ideas just recreate older ones.  The technology has obviously improved rapidly since I was a child and children of this generation are not entertained as easily with the same toys.

        I was pretty excited at first when Hasbro asked me to review their newest toy, the Magic Jinn.  The description states, "Can the mystical Magic Jinn read your mind? Talk to it and find out! Think of an animal and press his nose, and he'll guess the rest! Can you outsmart him and win? There's only one way to find out!"  This made me think it would be similar to a live magic eight ball possibly.  Unfortunately this wasn't the case as the Magic Jinn only guesses the animal you think of and nothing else.
Magic Jinn Game
        My children were definitely excited to break this guy out and give it a try!   However, Kevin and I actually decided to give it a try first to see what exactly he did.  Let me tell you we personally thought his voice was very creepy sounding and we were disappointed that he actually could not guess any of our animals.  I thought the animals he was guessing were actually more unique animals than the basic ones we were thinking of as well as compared to those that the children would be coming up with.

        The boys thought he was super cute and they named him "Frank  the Cat".  Surprisingly Dane was able to get him to guess the correct animal several times but to be honest they preferred more to play with him in the off mode and just as a basic toy.  As creative of a design as this was we were very bored with it and not very impressed.
Magic Jinn Game
Cost/Available to Purchase:  $19.99 Magic Jinn 
Recommendation:  If they would have added a few more features to this little guy I think he would have been a lot cooler and more entertaining to the kiddos.  It could just be us though as we did think he looked pretty cool and the idea sounded on the right path!
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Giveaway:  Hasbro is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Magic Jinn of their own!
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