DaddyScrubs Bag O’ Books Review

        You know its kind of sad that most times people discuss babies, it almost seems that the mothers go hand in hand with any discussions or events.  But what about the fathers?!  It DOES take two to make a baby (no matter how it happens)!  I do understand there are always going to be those special circumstances and times where one parent may not be involved.

        Don't all the Fathers out there deserve to enjoy the special moments of a new baby on board?!  They may not get a shower in their honor but they sure deserve some sort of celebration and gift time.  I can tell you even though they don't have to deal with carrying a child to term, the actual labor pains, or long childbirth, they do have to deal with quite a bit throughout the process.  Just ask my husband - I'm serious!!!
        After my first child (Dane) was born, I quickly realized that my husband deserved some thanks and praise for all he put up with as well as his support.  Over the last few months I discovered a brand which truly does exactly this.  "DaddyScrubs is dedicated to providing dads in every stage of fatherhood a way to proudly proclaim, 'I'm the Daddy!'  DaddyScrubs is dedicated to families everywhere, and each I'm the Daddy product is designed to encourage involvement and engagement between Dad and Child - from the delivery room on."

        DaddyScrubs sent me over their Bag O’ Books by DaddyScrubs to check out which was loaded with books in an awesome cloth bag to use for carry whatever Dad may need!  There is a variety of gifts to choose from such as clothing, scrubs for the delivery room, diaper bags, novelty and more!!  There are even a few things available for Moms!!
Available to purchase/Cost:  $49.95 Bag O’ Books by DaddyScrubs 
Recommendation:  These are in line with the cost of most gifts of this nature and are really quite the cutest and most thoughtful gifts.  I suggest checking them out if you are expecting or know someone who is!!
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