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        Both of my boys have been pacifier children which I love.  Being that my mother is a dentist, I am kind of freak about kids sucking on their thumbs or fingers!  I know the kind of damage this can do to their jaws and teeth.  Pacifiers can cause similar issues but let frequently and are much easier to break than an actual part of the child.

        I always tried to break my children of the pacifier around age one but Declan was a little bit more difficult as I was also more dependent on it.  They are an automatic mute button in my opinion and sometimes parents just need the few moment of silence to regain their sanity!

        When Difrax contacted me and asked me to do a review of their pacifier system I was pretty pumped as my sister is expecting her first in the next month.  I will be helping her prepare for this new arrival as she is only the second in our family to give birth!  I am always putting together gift baskets for a variety of occasions but especially love doing so for baby showers.  I am always looking for better products to introduce to new parents and of course friends of mine expecting children!

        "Most babies have a strong need to suck until they are about 5 months old." I also recently learned about the terrible long term effects that mouth breathers can have as they grow and develop.  "By using a pacifier a baby also learns to breathe through his nose." There are just a variety of benefits to using a pacifier with your little one!

        Difrax pacifiers have a unique butterfly shape with holes which allow for extra air circulation for baby.  The design keeps the nose free and clear as well as a round silicone nipple to resemble mom's breast.  Each collection (which includes an orthodontic design) is available from newborn to 18+ month styles.  The 18 month pacifier is even designed to wean baby off which is a great quality.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $5.99- 2pk Pacifiers 
Recommendation:  These are in line with the cost of most pacifiers and even a little cheaper in my opinion for the awesome design.  I highly suggest the use of a pacifier although I am not a medical professional.  I just think they make for a great new baby necessity.  There is even a downloadable book for "The Giving up your Pacifier" which has different tips, tricks and stickers for the kiddos.
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  1. These are cute. We tried at least 10 different pacifiers with my son and he didn't want any of them.


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