TeraGanix Bokashi Food Waste Recycling Systems Review and #Giveaway

        I've always been so big on my worm composting and have actually been having great success with it throughout the last three year's since I started.  My crops have been better than ever and produced more than you can imagine.  However this year at my normally scheduled spring clean out I noticed all of my worms had disappeared - no trace of them dead or alive.   After doing a ton of research I discovered this to be a common occurrence when the weather changes drastically within a short period of time (and you know how Michigan weather can be).

        So when a week later Teraganix agreed to send me one of their Bokashi Food Waste Recycling Systems to review.  I was pretty pumped to have an alternative method for the summer or at least until I could get myself another batch of my worms.  "'Bokashi' is Japanese for fermented organic matter and the EM•1® Bokashi method does just that!
        TeraGanix Inc., formerly EM America, provides solutions using authentic technology from nature that empower people to improve life.  EM•1® Bokashi system utilizes fermentation rather than decomposition to break down foods, there is no rancid smell to attract unwanted pests."

        Because their Bokashi compost system utilizes rice bran the smell is lessened drastically making it easier for people living in apartments or smaller homes to still compost!  The beneficial microbes help break down food waste faster and more efficiently.  There are two kits you can choose from one which is more hands off and the other allows for (from what I can tell) quicker results by sifting and allowing drainage.

        Personally I feel the drainage from these buckets is liquid gold for my plant babies!  Gross - yes, but works just like miracle grow and fertilizer without all the costs of buying it or the chemicals that go into making it!  And once everything in your bucket is fermented, all you do is add it to your garden soil.

        Because it even suggested it, I wanted to give it a try in our litter box to help with smells since ours is kept in the master bathroom.  After a few days I noticed that I couldn't notice the litter box smells as easily and I haven't noticed the cat getting pissed about something new being in there either!

        I was very quick to start adding all the food scraps to the bucket since my garden is already on its way.  I have to say I noticed less of a smell from within the bucket in a few days once the process started.  The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the composting speed as compared to my wormies but then again I haven't found anything that can compete with them.  The nice thing is it is supposed to be safe to use with the worms so as soon as get them back into my system I bet they'll be thrilled to give it a try!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $36.99 Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System
Recommendation:  I would obviously recommend this to anyone trying to go green and reduce waste from their home.  This is such a low maintenance and inexpensive way to make that change and difference if your willing!
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Giveaway:  TeraGanix is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a 2lb bag of EM Bokashi Powder of their own!
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  1. I end up with a lot of vegetable cuttings and scrappings and coffee grounds

    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

  2. I love your blog but I loads really slow, I think you have too many scripts on the page (you asked!)


    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

  3. Have really wnated to start composting and this would be the way to start!
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  5. Coffee grounds are great for composting!

  6. I have never tried composting, but then again I am the worst gardener in the world. I accidentally grew a watermelon plant once. If I won this I would pass it along to my mom who could grow a whole plant from just a leaf.

  7. I was composting food scraps but we had bug problems. Now I just compost yard & pet waste.

  8. heather: we compost coffee grounds


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