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        I was honored to be given the opportunity to recently read/review the book Hallows Haven written by Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Madison.  This book has been a refreshing change to the books I have been reading recently.  The intertwining of magical and mythical people/creatures is truly amazing.  I love how seamlessly it makes sense and fits together in the world of Hallows Haven.   We learn about Gwen and her grandmother and their journey from Michigan to the secret underground world of Hallows Haven.

        Going through Gwen's life and learning things as she does in the story is such a wonderful way to let the everything unfold.  I enjoyed getting to know Gwen and learning her family secrets (as you will see there are many) and as she settles into her new world full of magical powers.  Gwen is a normal teenager who is taken from her friends and the only home she knows in Michigan at the age of 16.  She ends up in a secret world of magic all while starting at a new school making new friends and getting accustom to everything.

        On her second night in Hallows Haven she meets a young boy Dylan whom she becomes drawn to for unknown reasons.  Life really gets exciting for Gwen when she and her friends attend a cover band concert in another part of the underground world.  None of them could have imagined what was going to happen while indulging in a little teenage rebellion.

        Melissa and Nicole have outdone themselves with the world of fantasy and magical creatures in this series.  I haven’t read any stories that mix witches, demons, fairies AND wizards in the most fluid manner.  Everything in Hallows Haven makes sense and flows together in perfect unison.  The vivid pictures that transport you into the world that Gwen lives in are amazing and I loved being taken there as will you.

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Recommendation:  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to escape into another world filled with twists and turns on every page.  Not only is the price a great one this is a book that you won't be able to put down!!
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  1. After reading your review, I will be getting "Hallows Haven" for my niece.


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