SlapKoolers Review and #Giveaway by Great Online Promotions

        Being that we are a group that enjoys hanging out and drinking, we are always on the look out for the most creative gadgets and tools to use.  I have never been one to want a koozie to keep my drinks cool.  I am the beer snob of the group and normally I'm drinking beers that are rare or specialties from our large local Michigan breweries.  These usually require (or are better enjoyed) being drank from glassware such as a tulip.  Recently being around the pool I need to use a Koozie since glass is a no no near pools and hot tubs.  When I came across SlapKooler I was super excited.  I am definitely a sucker for novelty items that remind me of my childhood and if I am going to have to use a Koozie I might as well be able to have fun with it.

Wedding slap koozies
        SlapKooler slap wrap is the combination of the the 80's slap bracelets and the Koozie for keeping American style beer cold.  There is now a slap bracelet for your beverage which keeps it cool while you enjoy your fun in the sun.  I like the fact that you can slap your koozie on your wrist when you are coming or going to your even so you don't lose it.  This is the easiest koozie to pack and even store in your house, boat or RV.  Its simple to use and best of all it works.  With these being customizable you can show off your personality with your very own SlapKooler or you can personalize it to advertise for your brand.

        I received three different SlapKooler's to review from Great Online Promotions, they are all of varying styles and sizes.  Everyone's favorite is the largest one that is a "Hello my Name is" sticker printed on it.  This one fits a can very nicely but I suggest that you make sure you are not slapping it on a full open beverage or you will have a mess on your hands as we found this out one of days.  I also got a slightly smaller one that has the Colt's logo on it.  It isn't my favorite team but still the SlapKooler is awesome and still fits over a can perfectly.
Custom Slap Koozie Wrap Single Ink Color
        I also got smaller one shaped like a race car which Mikayla loved.  We were a little unsure of what exactly to use it for at first but she put it on her flavored mini water bottle.  It fit perfectly on the small water bottles that they make for kids and being that she loves the shape, it's become hers.  These SlapKoolers are the best invention ever in my opinion!  I wish I would have thought of it myself, but never the less these are great!  I want to get more!  I can't say enough about how wonderful this product is and how well it works.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $3.49 each or you can customize them at special pricing
Recommendation: I highly recommend this product! I love how its so easy my 4 year old can use it, and how convenient they are to store or take with you.  They even have wedding ones available would make a great favor for guests at a wedding.  These are so versatile that you can use them for just about anything from promoting your business or just for fun and entertainment.  There is also a huge selection of other promotional items if you are in need of something else in bulk!

Giveaway:   Great Online Promotions is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers 3 "Hello my Name is" SlapKoolers of their own!
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