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        So anyone who has trained a cat to use a litter box knows that sometimes it can be a hit or miss.  Either its a little challenging or the cat is a natural and its a breeze.  Cats can be very different pets as they can communicate very well what their needs and desires are but when it comes to punishment for negative behavior its almost nearly impossible.  I have two cats and even though they trained easily in the beginning, when I had my girls, one of the cats started to use the area outside the litter box.  I was recently asked to try something called Litter Getter.

Litter Getter is a catnip like product that you sprinkle in the litter box to attract the cats to it.  It "replicates an outdoor environment for your cat, naturally attracting them back to the litter box, it smells fresh, it reduces the unpleasant ammonia-odors found in Litter boxes, enhancing the quality of life, for both you and your cat."  This can help with cats like mine who may have strayed away from the normal pattern of behavior or for training new kittens.
        I currently have three litter boxes for my two cat kiddos and started out fresh by changing out all the litter in each box.  Because I truly wanted to see how this would work I started experimenting to see if adding the Litter Getter into two of the boxes would make a difference in whether or not the cats would use one box more than another.  So basically:

Box A and B: Normal Litter + Litter Getter
Box C: Normal Litter

        The first day I checked on the litter boxes and Box A (with Litter Getter in it) had been used inside as well as used outside, in front of the box.  The other Box B (with the Litter Getter in it as well) wasn't touched and was empty.  However the third one (Box C) which had no product in it was used as well.  This left me wondering, but none the less I cleaned out the boxes and added more Litter Getter into the original first two boxes to see what would happen this time around.

        The next day, all three of the litter boxes had been used and nothing was outside of the litter boxes so I honestly don't know if just took a bit for the cats to use or if the one which pooped outside the litter box the first day was just finally using the one without the Litter Getter??  Puzzling!  I don't know whether this product really works or not to be honest.  It might just be the fact that my cats are already litter trained and this product would work better with a new kitten, but in my opinion it is a good concept.  I would like to spread this outside in my neighbors lawn so his cats will stop using my lawn as their litter box, but haven't ventured to try that yet as I am afraid I might get caught doing so (haha).

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $15.99  Where to Buy
Recommendation:  I would definitely recommend this product for someone getting a new cat or kitten to help lead them to the litter box.  However this is not a useful product that I would get for older cats that already are litter box trained or honestly for a reduction in smells as I noticed no change.
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