Mustachifier "The Gentleman" Pacifier Review

        So my two-year old daughter is a hoot of a kid with such a sense of humor.  She is always finding silly glasses laying around the house and putting them on to make us giggle.  Like all mother’s I wanted her to have given up the pacifier by now and I had her only using the pacifier only at bed and nap time.  Unfortunately, my husband and I split up recently and she resorted back to wanting her pacifier all the time, which I was willing to give into her on this one.  Knowing how she likes to be the jokester, when I saw the Mustachifier I knew she would be loving it and I had to give it a try.

        The Mustachifier is a pacifier that has a mustache on the front of it, kinda like the buck teeth ones you see especially around Halloween time.  With the mustache craze that is going on right now, these things will be flying off store shelves in no time.  They have three different type of mustaches to choose from, the cowboy, the ladies man, the full monty, or the gentleman.  All four are super cute, I would love to have all of these for Hannah to use and be the goofball that she is.

        When we opened up the package up we happened to be swimming at Randi’s house and I had forgot to bring a pacifier for Hannah.  This worked out perfectly because she saw it and wanted it right away.  All the kids (2-5) wanted to try it out and thought it was really cool and funny.  The next day we had a play date where we actually had a 10 week old baby who also tried this pacifier out  which was uber cute.  The only problem was that the nipple was too big for his mouth to keep it in for longer than a few quick seconds in order to take a picture.

        I especially loved when Hannah would put it on to show someone she would actually push her lips out to accentuate the mustache.  My girls both loved putting it on saying that they looked like Papa.  I can’t wait for her to show it off this weekend to the whole family at our family get together up North.

Available to Purchase/Price: $9.99 The Gentleman
Recommendation: I actually loved this product and so did everyone else young and old.  The novelty of it is worth all the money in the world and this would make for a unique baby gift for any hipster babies you know!  To see these kids with the mustache pacifier was enough to make anyone smile despite their mood.  I really love this product and can’t say enough about it.
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