Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors Review and #Giveaway

Did you know that millions of yards of seat belt webbing are rejected by automakers each year?  This is mostly due to the high safety standards automotive companies have to protect you for the life of your car. I was recently contacted by a company that is trying to make a difference by re-purposing this rejected fabric - Maggie Bags.

"Maggie Bags are made using genuine automotive seat belt webbing. Availability of rejected seat belt webbing can vary greatly therefore some webbing must be purchased new to meet the growing demand for our unique and stylish bags. However, our commitment to use re-purposed seat belt webbing whenever possible remains steadfast."

        Even before I became a blogger, I would have a difficult time separating myself from the computer.  As soon as I purchased my first laptop it came everywhere with me and quite frankly never had a real "home".  Because of this my laptops have always taken a real beating.  Alana (being in High School) is always toting heavy textbooks around.  I am always on the lookout for any heavy duty bags I can find for the two of us.

Last year I was given the opportunity to review one of the Maggie Bag Campus Totes and we fell in love with it!  This bag actually became my boot camp bag which I carried over 20 pounds in free weights to and from the gym.  This year they graciously allowed me to work with them again by sending me A Tote of Many Colors in the classic style.

       I love their use of such vibrant colors!  This one has been perfect for toting many items to and from the beach.  We even plan on using this for our vacation travel in a few weeks.  The bag is more than spacious for a variety of items even enough for a light weekend trip.

       There are tons of styles for anyone or any use from messenger bags and wine totes to cosmetic bags and belts!  My favorite happens to be the butterfly bag but we both really love the two we have!  I can't believe no one has thought of this amazing idea before to make such durable and stylish bags!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $55 Tote of Many Colors 
Recommendation:  This is an inexpensive bag when you look at the type of durability you are going to get!  The styles they have come out with over the last year are adorable and the amount you are spending is going to a good cause as well.
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Giveaway:  Maggie Bags is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Tote of Many Colors of their own!
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  1. I would love to win the Tote of Many Colors and would use it as a Beach Bag.

  2. Looking at the web site, I love the butterfly bag. I especially like the inner pockets for things like a pen, a little notebook, even a zipper area for things I want to keep out of the way. And then the other (lower wing) pockets, I can use for cell phone and to keep my keys handy.
    But I also like the campus tote. Again I like the inside pockets, but this one closes at the top instead of being open as the Tote of Many Colors is.
    And for an everyday purse, I sure do like the look of the Hobo Bag.
    Of course, I would love to have ANY of the Maggie Bags products!

  3. I am in love with the purple campus tote! My daughter's school colors are purple and gold, and that bag would be perfect for her school books! I want to win! ;)

  4. I love the Tote of Many Colors because it's fun + brightly colored. The size is perfect for when I need to gather up more stuff to take to town with me and that stuff doesn't fit into my purse. It's also a perfect bag for road trips to keep all the stuff in the front of the car from going everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway!!

  5. I like the tote of many colors because it holds EVERYTHING! I also like the travel trio because it is handy and stylish.

  6. I would love to win the tote of many colors because it is big enough to hold everything I would need for a day out with my four kids, sturdy enough to hold up to their wear and tear, and bold looking. Taking all the kids out means I can use all the boldness I can get!

  7. I love all the Maggie Bags and would really have to ponder on which one I want the most. I have to peek in my closet and see what colors would go best with my wardrobe.

  8. I love the new butterfly bag!! This would be the greatest of all bags!!
    rierie11booger (@)

  9. I have a tote of many colors and would love another one or a butterfly bag. These are super strong yet so pretty! They make the perfect book bag for those of you who are readers/book bloggers, and I have used my tote as a carry on for airplane travel. It's very practical as well as stylish.:)

  10. Maggie Bags are awesome bags! I'd love to win the Tote of Many Colors! I'm a mom of 3 children ages 10, 3 and 21 months and always find myself bringing numerous smaller bags with us when we go somewhere because I don't have 1 large bag that everything will fit nicely in. This bag would be great for us!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. Maggie Bags are awesome! I'd love to win the Tote of Many Colors. I am a mom of 3 children ages 10, 3 and 21 months. Whenever we go anywhere I end up taking a few smaller bags to fit everything we need because I don't have 1 large bag that will accommodate everything. So, I could really use a bag like this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. I Love the Campus Tote in Ultra Violet! It is so cute and would be perfect for every day errands. I do love the Tote of many colors in Red Velvet! It would work well when we go to the beach or the Drive Ins.

  13. I love Maggie Bags! Love the purple campus tote! all so stylish and durable. Just got my first one and want lots more!!!

  14. I love all of the bags and especially like how practical they are. One bag to take instead of two or three would be great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I would love to win the Tote of Many Colors and would use it as a Beach Bag! I could also use to carry books back & forth when we go to the library!


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