Tech4Kids Magna Color Design Station Review

        Its funny because I never considered myself to be one of those 'infomercial buyers'.  Then when Dane was born, like most new parents, Kevin and I would sit up until all hours of the nights watching them while tending to a new baby.  It seems as if Dane somehow learned to love them as he sat up with us those long nights because he is now the king of telling me what products my readers would love to learn about.  He evaluates each commercial and decides if its something worthwhile or not (LOL).

        This is of course how we came upon this next product.  Since the day we first watched the Magna Color commercial, the boys continuously asked for it.  Thankfully Tech4Kids agreed to send me over the Magna Color Design Station to review and share with all of you!  Tech4Kids is a Canadian based company which "develops and markets fun, innovative, and educational toys for kids".

        "Magna Color magically transform designs into vibrant 3D artwork by using the magnetic coloring studio and colorful 3D Magic dots." Now I have to be honest when this first arrived we were very confused by how well it would work as well as how terrible it might end up as a mess.  We figured we might end up losing most of the pieces since the colored dots were not only all sizes but mostly small pieces.

        This really is one unique system which is well thought out for those exact reasons!  First you decide which color you want and using the 'pen', you can run it across the screen or by clicking single dots out.  The great thing is when you are done, the dots are easily pushed back into a sorting system in the back of the station.

        Both boys are able to shake the station in order to sort the dots into their appropriate colored pen areas.  Plus we noticed that if a "few" dots find their way onto your carpet or table top, you can quickly turn over the station and run it along the surface which is magnetic and it will pull the loose dots to the screen!  This kind of quality makes me very happy knowing I don't have to individually pick up these tiny dots after my children are done playing.

        This kit even comes with a set of 3D glasses which allow the children to see a world where their pictures come alive!  My only complaint is in the set I received, the dots were much thinner and did not look the same as they do on the website (which honestly wasn't much of a big deal).

Cost/Available to purchase:  $25.99 MagnaColor
Recommendation:  I've got to say the boys love playing with this!  Initially I wouldn't have considered buying at this price but it really has been worth it.  These kiddos seem to pick it up once a day and play pretty nicely with eachother!
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