Vermont Signature Sauces Review and #Giveaway

        I am starting to enjoy cooking once again and using sauces/seasonings to help enhance my meals.  I frequently like to try new things or change up my old family recipes.  When I recently stumbled upon Vermont Signature Sauces I was super excited when I saw all they had available and most of it being right up my cuisine ally.

        Vermont Signature Sauces wants to help people simplify their lives but not their tastes.  This type of complication is what has always made me shy away from making my own sauces such as a Marsala or Pesto.  The Founders have been friends cooking together for over 30 years which I truly appreciate hearing.  I not only know the importance of friendship but of complimenting one another!

        Vermont Signature Sauces sent me three different sauces in exchange for review which included Chipolte Cream, Pesto Cream, and Marsala w/ Wild Mushrooms.  These sauces taste amazing and they are so quick and easy to use.  With the busy schedule that I have going on it's nice to not have to work for hours on end in the kitchen to make my kids and myself delicious healthy meals.

        One of the best things about these sauces (well besides not having to make something gourmet from scratch) is that they can be used on just about anything from meats to pastas to rice. We especially loved the Marsala w/ Wild Mushrooms as we mixed it with a chicken and pasta for dinner one night.  Randi and her family actually favored the Pesto Cream as they used this on both a chicken pasta dinner as well as in their chicken salad sandwich mix!

Cost/Available to purchase: $8 ea - 6 oz Jar or $15 ea - 12 oz Jar
Recommendation:  This is a family owned company and you can tell that the recipes taste like something handed down a few generations.  There are also several great recipes listed on the site as well that I'd recommend checking out.  I think the prices of the products are a little high but reasonable with what you would find elsewhere especially for the great tastes you are getting!  You'd be crazy not to try at least a few of these products and get creative with a recipe of your own!
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Twitter:  @VTSigSauces

Giveaway:  Vermont Signature Sauces is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a variety of 3 sauces of their own!
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  1. Yumm, that Chipotle Cream sounds delicious. Here at our house we are chipotle nuts!

  2. the marsala with wild mushrooms sounds great! (even though i am the only one in the house who eats mushrooms, lol). the delman sauce sounds good too. thanks for such a yummy giveaway!

  3. These sounds pretty fantastic! I love mushrooms and I bet I would eat that on just about everything!


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