FRAAS Scarf Review

        I am not what one would call on the edge of fashion, but one thing I have fallen in love with over the past 10 years is wearing scarves.  I like to make them part of my outfit on many days.  Being that, here in Michigan, fall is upon us and winter is quickly approaching my scarves are making their way out of a two month stint in storage.  I lost my favorite scarf last winter and haven't quite gotten over it yet.  However, having the opportunity to review one of the newest FRAAS Scarf designs is making that loss a little easier.

        This Scarf is double sided which gives it extra wearable points in my book.  One side is black with little spots of browns and blues and the other side is browns and blues with little spots of black.  This scarf is very
versatile and can be worn with dressy outfits or with jeans.  It is even available in four different color options such as a double sides blue, purple, or red combination.

        This scarf keeps my neck warm when needed and I can wear this all day long if I want to without sweating to death.  Since part of my day job is to be outside watching kids, I like to have clothing that is both fashionable and versatile.  I do not like being cold one bit and living in Michigan that can prove to be a bit more difficult as we have a long winter season.

I absolutely love my new FRAAS scarf and the fact I can wear it daily.  If I am going to work or going to watch football game outside somewhere this scarf is never a miss.  The material is super soft and lightweight, so makes wearing all day long a non-issue.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $? FRAAS You can also find these on Amazon or by calling the company direct at 212-575-0191
Recommendation: I love this scarf and think it is well worth the money.  I also love the fact that it comes in
many colors and patterns to fit all your needs.
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