Natural and Eco-Friendly Landscaping Wishes

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        I have always loved going to hotels or businesses where they have extravagant garden and plant decor.  Even before I was a gardener myself I just always have loved the beautiful scenery.  My mother has ALWAYS been a green thumb and her home inside and out is filled with lush plants.  So when I started gardening I set out to be an artist with my plants.

        Its funny because you know how you walk through certain homes (be it friends or family) and they almost look like they were pulled from a magazine?  Or even when you browse through a magazine you day dream about having your home look that way one day!

        Unfortunately ever since we moved into the current home we are in, we have struggled with landscaping.  Each Summer I get more and more jealous of those beautiful homes you drive by with lush green lawns and extravagant landscaping especially because I feel like it may be a few more years until mine can look that way.
        Because of the way our lots are set up in my subdivision, I know I will be waiting until my next home to even think about having such lush landscaping.  However, I can still be prepared!  I know I want an eco-friendly landscape design with lots of natural resources surrounding my backyard!

        I have already even begun doing my research to find a local company like Park Slope Design who provides these types of services and quality.  When you look at the pictures of actual home landscaping they've done, you can actually picture your home looking the same in its own unique way.


  1. I love to go to a hotel that has plenty of greenery. The landscaping always makes the place peaceful to stay at.

  2. I have to comment on this again. Landscaping around our pool was a big challenge. I like a lot of plants, but my husband not so much.


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