October is Energy Awareness Month

        There are so many ways you can help out when it comes to being more "green" and saving your planet.  Most of the time these tips and tricks can actually save you money in the long run as well!!  October is Energy Awareness Month and it’s a great time to upgrade to a new energy-efficient appliance, television or computer to save money on your home energy bills.  Best Buy has more than 2,300 unique ENERGY STAR® certified products available in Best Buy stores and online.

        The average home’s annual energy bill is $2,200 and energy efficient products can save you money almost immediately.  This is an outrageous fact when you think about the amount the amount of energy we are using as an entire planet!  Not only will every little bit help you save yourself some cash but can make quite the impact on the planet.
ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder
        Don't forget you can also recycle and upgrade your old appliances through Best Buy's recycling program where they will remove the old appliances for you as well as in some cases reward you with a Best Buy Gift Card.  Beyond savings from simply having energy efficient products, local utility companies usually provide additional ENERGY STAR Rebates that can save you up to $300.  Best Buy tries to make things even easier for you by providing an online rebate finder as well!

        Free money and incentives for doing the right thing, how can you beat that!  If you are truly looking to create a Green home as I am hoping to build my own in the coming year, then adding ENERGY STAR APPLIANCES is the energy solution for you!
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