Recycle Unused Items and Make Money Doing It

        I have always been known for some of my very odd obsessive compulsive tendencies   I have actually been diagnosed with OCD as well as many other members in my family.  I believe everything has its place and spot in the world.  It helps me feel in control when I have things like my DVD's categorized and alphabetized.  I also love to clean, always have and frequently do it as a stress reliever.

        The problem I find now is finding the time especially since having children.  It almost seems like things continue to pile up and you accumulate more and more stuff the older you get.  I would give anything to have someone walk up and offer me a couple hundred dollars to take everything out of my garage!  The other thing that drives me nuts is throwing things away.  NO I am NOT a hoarder but I am so obsessed with being Green Friendly that it is hard to toss anything in the trash and I tend to have to spend a ton of time sorting items to recycle.

        The nice thing now though is there are tons of places you can go to not only recycle old things but to even save you money in the long run as well!!  You can recycle just about everything if you take the time to find out where and/or how?  Things like glass, plastic, paper, electronics, appliances, and even some old food (if you compost).

        There are a lot of places that will even pay you for things you probably weren't aware of like your old things like cds, games, and dvds.  I just wanted to mention all of this to all of you!  So now when everyone is going through their garages, attics, and basements doing spring cleaning or preparing for garage sales, you all know there are more ways to make money and less items you have to throw away!

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  1. Great ideas!!! I have lots of clutter in my garage and I don't want pay anything for de clutter it. So i am now planning to recycle some items so that i can save some money.


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