Backyard Ocean Flip Flop Mesh Review

        As most of our followers know we spend the Summers at the "office" aka Randi's pool.  Randi and I work outside on the table with our laptops while the kids play in the pool.  This works amazing most of the time to get work done, however we can tend to get distracted by the kids often if they get "bored."  We were excited to receive the flip flop mesh float to review, however being able to review this product in October, living in Michigan became somewhat of a difficult one.

      Our experiences from similar floats have been good, but being that we received this float after the pool was closed we had to go on what we think of similar floats.  The Spring Float was also a big hit with the kids.  The two oldest children can all fit on this float at the same time and it holds them all pretty well without sinking.  The kids were using this as a boat and taking it to their secret island (such imaginations they have).  The float folds conveniently into a holder for easy carrying and springs open with only a little bit of blowing up.

        This one would be easy enough to take anywhere and convenient to carry with you.  It is really nice to be able to float yet still be in the water keeping cool.   It's the perfect place to lay, catch some rays and just plain relax.  One could even take a nap if the kids weren't all over the float and you while were trying to nap. 
       These floats are awesome. The kids all love the product and will continue to use them next summer.  Spending time at the pool in the summer is an almost daily occurrence and knowing we have reliable products for the kids to play and enjoy all summer is a huge relief as a parent.

Cost/Available to purchase:
$13.99 Flip Flop Mesh Pool Float
Recommendation:  The pricing on everything seemed more than reasonable and average for items in their category and of their quality.  The best part is that even if these few items I've shared with you maybe aren't for your lifestyle, they have tons to choose from!  These though, have become regular favorites and are used almost daily.
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