Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives Review and #Giveaway

        I have to say, I spent majority of my life planning on being single for the rest of it.  Being the oldest of of three girls as well the oldest of 15 female cousins, it seemed inevitable that I would be raised very independent.  Being so strong willed I just assumed that most men would have a hard time handling my personality!  But as life would have it and I started to get older I changed my thoughts and knew I wanted to have a family.  Thankfully while working out of state I met my now husband, Kevin.

        For those who do not know my husband and I personally, we are quite the couple.  We don't follow a single norm yet are perfect for eachother.  We are both a pain in eachothers ass yet compliment one anothers faults!  I was interested in receiving the newest Chicken Soup book - Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives, for this very reason.  I wasn't quite sure if it would be something for someone like me or if I might find it intriging.

        The synopsis says, "Any woman of faith will find solace and strength in these 101 unique devotionals — consisting of a scripture reading, a Chicken Soup for the Soul story, and a custom-written prayer by women of faith — as they go through the ups and downs of daily life and marriage. This collection will affirm God's unconditional love and His wisdom. With stories that cover everything from everyday trials to tests of faith, this collection will inspire, uplift, and counsel any woman of faith who needs a boost or reminder of God's ever-present love."

        I have to say unfortunately after reading this, it wasn't quite the book for me.  I do not want to get into any type of religious debate with any readers either so I will just say this...It was inspirational and had me thinking in ways I hadn't before about my relationship with my husband.  However, it was a little too religious of a book for me to stay quite as interested in reading it frequently.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $11.58 Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives: 101 Daily Devotions to Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire You
Recommendation:  Definitely an good read even if you only have a few moments a day to read a few pages.  I think the cost is in line with any other books of this type and this was worth the initial read for sure!  I am sure others will enjoy more than I did too.
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